I had a hip replacement six months ago, will I be OK to have a therapeutic massage?

I had a hip replacement six months ago and it is taking a long time to heal. My previous replacement healed really quickly. Will massage help?
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yes you have to wait 6 months for healing after that you are fine to receive massage as long as there are no on going concerns
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Hi Fran
Providing you are signed off from your consultant there should be no reason not to have treatments.
If you are still under the consultant then a referral letter should be taken to the therapist who you decide to work with.
My personal recommendations to assist with your healing process is to look at the following treatments: Reiki ~ Natures sunshine supplements as they are excellent quality and will assist with healing at a tissue and skeletal levels and there are products that will boost your immune system which will speed up healing, but also look at your nutrition as this can be another area as to why the body is not healing. Aromatherapy (blends that are done onsite to ensure that they are going to work with your condition - not pre-blended oils.
Hope you find what it is you are looking for and you get a speedy recovery.
Exercise will help. Massage will help too but just be sure to use very light pressure.
Exercise will help. Massage will help too but just be sure to use very light pressure.
Following a hip replacement massage can certainly help the healing process.
If you can find a massage therapist near you who also has bio mechanic or functional fitness training they will be able to offer a complete package which includes exercise rather than just massage.
Following surgery it is essential to try to regain as much movement in the affected area as possible. By practising controlled specific exercises you can build up the strength and range of movement in the operated hip, concentrating on the gluteus (butt) muscles and the quads (front of thigh). This will ensure that you don't allow other muscles to 'do the work for you' which can lead to muscular imbalances and pain in the other leg or hip. I have had great results from this type of exercise with clients able to return to more active exercise if they wish to - I have a client who took up 'Zumba' a year or so post op.
Do seek advice from a professional first as they will test your muscle function and give you a tailored programme based on your specific condition. They may also be able to liaise with your consultant or physio.
The key is to keep up the exercise as well as the massage. I would suggest that you look for a Sport Massage Association massage therapist as they are recognised as having a high level of training and expertise.
Good luck
Yes for sure it will be a great benefit stimulating blood flow in the area to speed recovery.
Where abouts are you?
I have a treatment room in Burgess hill but i also do home visits
the massage is recommended after hip replacement. It will loosen up the tightened muscles and restore the full range of motion. Massage increases healing process.
Massage therapy can help increase the blood supply to the area. This will help deliver nutrients to the area that will help with healing. Massage will also help with the range of movement.
If the therapist is qualified in clinical aromatherapy they can also use essential oils that not only smell great but have analgesic properties and aid with the removal of toxins from the tissues.
You may need a letter from your doctor to say he is happy for you to have the treatment.
Yes, massage can help along with a good selection of aromatherapy oils which will help with the healing process. So long as the therapist knows so they can adapt the techniques to suit the various needs of your mind and body.
you need massage therapeutic and healing.learn you self healing with the mind.Detox with organo gold products what i do.and spirulina tablets
Hi Fran,
As your hips represent your ability to move forward in life, it may be useful to see if you are having any concerns about the future.
I am a crystal therapist and believe crystal healing to be very successful at bringing balance to you as a person on all levels.
I hope you find what you are looking for.
with love
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Full body massage will help by improving nutrient delivery lymph drainage and increase general wellbeing and flexibility, HOWEVER, any area which has not healed properly must be approached with the utmost gentleness and sensitivity otherwise further damage can be done.
Dear Fran
Deep tissue massage will help to break down some of the scar tissue - however ensure the therapist does not strongly manipulate the hip or pelvic area (possibility of dislocation - although very rare).
I would suggest you build up the core and particularly focus on working the gluteals (including gluteus medius) and muscles of the upper leg.
Best wishes
Hi Fran. Yes, absolutely massage will help, in addition consider having a Reiki treatment as the energy from Reiki will also speed up your body's healing process, or take a combined treatment. Good luck :)
Hi massage is fine after surgery and as the other posts stay will help the recovery process by boosting oxygenated blood to the area, it will also help in mobilising the new joint. I would want approval from your surgeon before proceeding just be sure there are not any underlying issues that need to be considered.
Therapeutic massage will help improve the range and quality of movement of the hip, break down scar tissue that will likely have formed post-surgery, help to relieve pain should you have any and increase circulation to help the healing process. I have seen a number of clients after hip replacement surgery for therapeutic massage.
yes its perfectly ok as long as you tell the therapist
Therapeutic massage can be of great benefit when recovering from surgery. Improving blood circulation and breaking down excess scar tissue will speed up the body's natural healing process.
yes exercise and diet and massage too will be be help