How long does semi-permanent make-up last?

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Semi Permanent Makeup is actually called "Micropigmentation" and usually referred to more casually as Permanent Makeup, tho "Semi" is more appropriate for most people. There are so many variables with PM (Permanent makeup) that it is really difficult to predict the lasting of the procedure......environment, swimming, sun exposure, facial treatments and products, many things can cause the PM to fade faster.......depending on these things and one's ethnic background as well, it may be safe to say that depending on which procedure is done PM should last a few years, many clients prefer to come back once a year or every other year for refresher, again, can't repeat myself enough that there are so many variables that it is difficult to determine or predict, other than to give your client as much info as possible to help the PM to last longer......using Vasoline and sunscreen for example on lips will help....not using waterproof eye makeup requiring the use of stronger cleansers will help...
So it is difficult to say, but all of my clients feel that even if they came back once a year, for all that the Permanent Makeup avails them, it is always worth their efforts and their investment!!
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Permanent cosmetic enhancement can last between 2 to 5 years and depends on many variables. Softer neutral enhancements tend to fade faster normally requiring a colour boost every 12 months to maintain their fresh appearance.
There is no definitive answer for this. How long spmu can last is very individual and length between treatments range between 6 months to around 2 yrs average although it rarely can be longer. It can depend on the technique used by the specialist, if and how soon after initial treatment retouch is performed, which pigments are used and strength of colour, your skin type and if aftercare instructions are adhered to. The following factors affect longevity such as general skin condition, whether or not you smoke, how much alcohol you consume, the amount of exposure to the sun, (in fact I recommend a min of spf 30 to treated areas.) If you use sunbeds this will drastically decrease how long your treatment lasts for, as will sunbathing without protecting your skin and the use of products such as aha's and other skin rejuvenating agents to the treated and surrounding areas. Certain medications and supplements can affect pigment retention as can some medical conditions.
In the UK times between tend to be longer than in warmer climates.
Spmu like with many other aesthetic procedures is not a one off treatment and maintenance is needed to keep it looking its best. You can expect to have retouch procedures around every 6 months to 2 years which are usually charged at a lower price to your initial treatment, spmu is a tattoo but unlike traditional tattooing natural pigments are used and generally the pigment is placed slightly higher within the structure of the skin depending on technique, the pigment will fade but actually permanently remains within the layers of the skin hence the other term for treatment 'permanent make up'
My best advice is to obtain consultation with a reputable specialist with a good reputation, experience and a portfolio of work that you like, its great when its done safely and beautifully.
I hope this helps you.
Semi permanent make up lasts anywhere between 18 months to 10 years, it really depend where you go and what type of machine and pigment they use. And how well your skin takes the pigment. No two people are the same.
Semi permanent make up is a form of tattoo, although not done with Tattoo ink or machine so there does not go as deep as a normal tattoo.
Nor It should it look like a tattoo but should look very natural.
We do Semi permanent make up and when people ask us how long it lasts we say 7-10 years, you may need a top up in that time approx 20% of people do.
Normally 2-3 years but most people would recommend a top up every 18 months or so to keep it fresh