My toes are very sore and I think my nail beds are damaged after a pedicure. What can I do?

I've been left with a hole on my big toe and am experiencing pain. I'm very upset as the nail technician promised me Calgel wouldn't harm my nails.
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I pressed "Answer " too fast so I am back to continue :). Firstly I totally agree that this is unacceptable what happened to you and how you've been treated after you raised this issue with the Manager. As other ladies explained overfilling is unnecessary and can cause discomfort for the client and damage to the nail plate.
Just to let you know that there are other fantastic products on the market which can provide long lasting manicures & pedicures and do not require filling/buffing of the nail plate. I strongly recommend Shellac.
I hope your nail will get better very soon x
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I suggest you switch to Shellac which des not require buffing of the natural nail and last on toenails minimum 5 weeks x
i think you need to have the gel taken off..too much filing can cause this..or there could have been damage before hand..but the technician should have spotted this..buffing is essential to get the gel to stick and give an even shiny finish..but if your nail was weak to start with then take it off and use creams and oils for a while till it feels better..tell the salon and get a pedicure instead of a refund..this way you`ll benefit by having a much needed nail treatment.xx


i did remove the gel somewhere else. The previous salon who did them refused to refund me saying It took hours to do them ( How am I responsible if she was slow Im suppose to complaint about it ) or admit it was their mistake as their clients never complained ( I find it hard to believe ). The new salon told me that the product came off as sheets not usual for calgel as its suppose to come off as flakes. Its terrifying how can they get away doing this to clients. Im seriously thinking of taking legal action as my feet are of a zombie look now ( I'm glad the pain isnt as bad tho )
Wow that really doesn't sound nice! With any artificial or gel products that goes onto the nail a slight bit if filing needs to be done to dull and smooth out the nail. The toe nail does tend to be a lot more uneven and thicker. Maybe there was just a little too much filing done? Or if its towards the cuticle and a metal pusher was used that can also cause damage. If you are in pain and unhappy with your treatment. I would always go back to the salon and speak to them. If a client if mine was unhappy I would rather know so I could sort it out. Good luck. Tracey x


I went to another place to remove them as I couldnt trust the other tech to do my nails again. What we found underneath the gel was horrible. my nail bed was buffed to the skin on 3 of my toes and the rest were buffed too thin but thankfully not as bad as my big toes. :(
And I told the manager in the salon where I did them she and the tech totally denied their responsibility and blamed me as I asked to have them long !!!