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Question: I'm a beauty therapist looking for great new products to work with. Any suggestions?

Asked by AdancedBeauty

15 answers

I'm looking for some wonderful new products for salon treatments that give great results. Thank you, Georgia.

Facials, Cosmetic Skin Treatments, Skin Tightening

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What kind of treatments? Eve Taylor skincare is an amazing range of products for facials - they have natural aromatherapy products but also new very powerful cosmecautical products now. And their new body range is also superb - I use them in my Power Detox treatment.

What about Microdermabrasion? The Skinbase system and business model is excellent - no capital outlay, just pay as you go?

Do you do electrical work in your facials? Adding Galvanic / High Frequency really takes them up another level.


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Thank you,. i didnt realize that Eve Taylor were cosmeceuticals..i will look into that also i love the sound of a power detox treatment, i have looked at the skinbase system but i dont like the idea of aluminimum oxide, although how great is the pay as you go buisness model ! Thank you so much for your ideas AdancedBeauty


Thank you,. i didnt realize that Eve Taylor were cosmeceuticals..i will look into that also i love the sound of a power detox treatment, i have looked at the skinbase system but i dont like the idea of aluminimum oxide, although how great is the pay as you go buisness model ! Thank you so much for your ideas x


Yes, Eve Taylor have their core Aromatherapy range (which give amazing results in themselves) and then they have their newer Advanced range. And I believe they are releasing some new anti aging / wrinkle products for Pro Beauty in Feb. Any particularly reason you aren't keen on the Aluminium Oxide crystals? But yes the Pay as you Go model is fantastic!

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I too love Eve Taylor products they are great!

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Thank you x


I use susan molyneux (monu, renu, vitru) facial products and do microdermasbrasion aswell. The products are natural, smell amazing, great results, reasonably priced and not tested on animals. Hope this helps.


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Thank you thats helpfull x


Hi georgia, I have recently spent a lot of time researching products for therapists and have decided on Neils Yard products. They have very good discounts and beautiful products. My previous supplier has proved a little unreliable in 2012, so 2013 is the year for Neils Yard for me.

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Hi there i was in the Neals Yard shop in LOndon Yesterday and i was thinking of how lovely these products are...i took away their web address to have a better look ! Thank you x


Hi Eva
I have been researching products for over 2 years..... I now use two ranges one from the Aromatherapy Company uk - Beautiful products they are 100% organic & soil trade marked, their range is fantastic. They also offer free product training & are the most helpful supportive company I have ever used. My profit has soared since I introduced their products. Also ideal if you are mobile. Another amazing range is Phyto 5 this is based on Chinese medicine. It is an expensive range I have introduced this into my salon & have a waiting list of clients wanting the electrical treatments that enhance this facial range. Good luck with your research x

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These both sound lovely, i like the idea of having a reasonably priced range and an expensive one interested to see what electrical treatments you do..i shall have a look at your profile..Thank You ..x


diamond dermabrasion with Eve Taylor aromatherapy products

Flirties Beauty

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Oh yes i like the sound of that Thank you x


we do a great range in skin parabens..not tested on and tonik for the gents and skin lingerie for the clients love it...most products under £10.00...we use for all skin types and all treatments...let me know.xx body custard...bath milk..foot scrub..foot soak etcetc.x

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Thanks i will look them up x


Bandi products are new on British professional market but I'm working on those products since two years and I think they are great and not expensive.

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Thank you i will look intro that x


You could think of using Dermalogica - their products are outstanding, their training and support surpass any other company I have encountered. The products really do talk for themselves.



Hi are you interested to work in Qatar in very luxury beauty salon if yes you can sent me your CV to my email


Check out new products and a new brand . Monique


If you are looking for facial treatments, I use a botanical Mary Kay skin care collection- they have botanical skin benefits of all skin types. Also I use the Volu-firm skin care range for skin tightening and facial rejuvenation treatments.
For more information Browse


Hi Georgia, I can certainly help you. Give me a call on mob. 07949240525. I have just started up new buisness regarding botanical product which are vegan certified so are pure safe and beneficial.


Georgina, hi are you still looking for gadgets and beauty products. I am a distributor , please feel free to email me and I will contact you directly ( )


hiya, I have always used eve taylor products, but I am now also using Neals Yard, these products are more expensive, but you notice results right away, and they smell amazing!
heres the link take a look :)


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