I would like to get filler in my cheeks, can you tell me how much it will be please?

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Aestha clinic offers as low as 150 pounds for 1ml of Teosyal dermal fillers. The doctors use cannulas, which gives very natural results without any bruising.
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I can offer you mid cheek enhancement using a French product calleed Stylage XL.It is truly amazing and long lasting [12-24 months] with little downtime.I use a cannula device to inject the filler and this reduces the risk of bruising dramatically.The results of the filler are instant.
In my experience I usually need to use 1-2 syringes oif filler on each side to give a noticeable difference and lift. I have a brilliant special offer price until Xmas as £600 for 4 syringes of Stylage XL.Have a look at my website and email me if you would like to book in.I am now away until 26 October.
Dr Kathryn
website http://www.wrinkledoctor.co.uk
Please can you contact me on 07747.374.299 to discuss your requirements further.
Kind Regards
As all the previous answers show it varies enormously depending on the filler used and how much filler is used. If you are in reach of Stockport I would happily see you for a consultation and advise.
We are based in Whitefield, North Manchester and have offered a full range of medical aesthetics for the past 12 years.
Our resident independent Aesthetic Nurse prescriber is full trained and very experienced in all aspects of facial rejuvenation. She is registered with the British Association of Plastic Surgery Nurses.
We offer clients a choice of injectables dependent upon the degree of re volumising or contouring required. We use fine, soft, flexible cannulas rather than needles to enhance the delicate cheek area. This causes less discomfort and swelling and the results are natural looking.
Prices from £250 to £999 depending upon type and quantity of product required.
We only use Restylane and Teosyals range of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers
Fee includes consultation, pain relief and post treatment review appointment two weeks later.
We offer a no obligation consultation with our aesthetic nurse every Friday
Appointments can be made online from our website or via phone.
Diane Nivern
Diane Nivern Clinic Ltd - Clinic of Advanced Skincare and Medical Aesthetics
Thank you for your enquiry via Wahanda. MBNS would like to invite you to come into the clinic for a personalized consultation with one of our specialist nurses, they will be able to advise you on the best treatment for you.
We do offer several types of treatment for wrinkle reduction and we recommend that you visit our website http://www.mbnsclinic.co.uk for a comprehensive look into our treatments!
We charge a consultation fee of £50 at the time of booking, which we hold on account for you; should you go on to treatment this will be deducted from the cost of your treatment. Please keep in mind we have two sister clinics, one in Abingdon and one in Witney, should either clinic be more conveniently located for you please visit http://www.qutisclinics.co.uk.
Pricing for dermal fillers starts at £250 and can go up to £925, it is very difficult to give the exact cost without a nurse consultation, and each patient has different expectations and requires a unique treatment course for optimum results. Our specialist nurses are trainers themselves in this field and have over 15 years experience. You will be in good hands!
Please call or e-mail us to make a booking or with any further enquiries.
We look forward to meeting you.
Kind regards,
Angela Hunt
Clinic Coordinator
t: 01844 213007
w: http://www.mbnsclinic.co.uk
57 North Street
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Hi it would be between £300 to £400 depending on what you require. Hope this helps regards Lisa
MOBILE:07802 783 462
Email: fahari@talk21.com
38, Rosemont Road, London NW3 6NE
Email: fahari@talk21.com
M; 07802 783 462
We do specialised Filler for face, (eyes, cheeks, neck, forehead)
using specialised serums, machines and infra Red lamp.
We do not use needles.
The results are visible after the first treatment. for long lasting
results, we do a course. The number of treatments, depends
on the client wrinkles, skin.
Hello Skrewy1 and thank you for your question.
We offer advanced dermal filler cheek enhancements from £299 for a full syringe. Consultations are free of charge with every treatment.
Our practitioner is a qualified advanced medical aesthetics practitioner in all advanced facial filler treatments. Reg. Practitioner No. MD1248/12.
We cover the Midlands, Southern England and South Wales.
If you'd like further advice or would like to discuss an appointment then please call us on 07947 523038 or visit our website (see links below).
With best regards
Helen Bowes
Advanced Medical Aesthetics Practitioner
Skin Beautiful
The prices for cheek filler depends on the volume and depth of filler you require. If you are looking for a cheek enhancment it can cost anything from £550 - £800 The price depends on the product used. Different products give different effects and last different lengths of time. For cheek fillers I would be looking at using Teosyal Ultimate, Emervel Volume or Restylane Perlane or SubQ. The choice depends on your anatomy and facial features.
Hi there, would you like me to give you a call and go through the treatments and prices? please forward your details to info@thegreenroomuk.com x
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