Is it worth getting eyelash extensions? can i wear mascara and what's the upkeep with them?

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It depends on which eyelash extensions you get. With the more natural lash extenions you cant wear mascara with them as it will make them more prone to fall out and weigh them down. The upkeep will be refills anything between 2-4 weeks again this depends on the type of extensions you have.
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Hi, yes you can wear mascara with lash extensions. There is mascara specifically for lash extensions.
Hi Rosalyn
The result is most definately worth it, particularly for special occasions and holidays!
Having read the previous answers to your question there is not much more we can add apart from (in our experience) that lash extensions should be removed regularly in order to maintain the health and natural volume of your own lashes.
Many clients ask for the 'longest-lasting' lashes, which is a completely acceptable request, and this can be obtained if you indulge in the services of a trained and experienced specialist using a professional medical grade glue ... however
it is, in our opinion, better to have a lash infil around 3 weeks after initial application and then complete removal (and re-application if required) maximum 3 weeks later
We have found that clients that try to save time & money, by having regular infils without frequent removal, end up with such sparse natural lashes that they see no alternative but to have them 'put back on again' and the vicious circle begins!
Eyelash extension, have really picked up in recent years. Some women, choose them for various reasons, mainly to enhance their own lashes as they may be short or spars, otherwise they can suit anyone who just wants a change as they really change a persons overall appearance. They beauty of eyelash extensions is that you can change the colour's and the lenghts to suit you and they can be purchased from beauty stores or be professionally placed. Some last for months and others temporary. `What ever you choose, you will have to be aware that any glueing on your own lashes either yourself or professionally, your eyelashes will be affected and you will need to look after them well when you remove the extension. Be prepared to pay up to 40- 110 pounds for eyelashes depending on the salons you go to.
The other advice is that you could have lash perming and tinting which results in your own lashes having a mascara look and cheaper.
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