I've be told that you should never use a moisturiser that also has SPF protection in it. True?

I use a moisturiser every day but also want to use some kind of sun protection. I like the idea of having the two in one application and have seen a few products (there are not many) that combine the two. However, I have been told that you should not use these combined moisturisers/SPF products as somehow combining the two impacts their effectiveness. Is this true?
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Yes the products I use are endorsed by cancer research. As soon as you start mixing moisturiser into sunscreen it dilutes the sunscreen giving less protection. Sadly lots of cosmetic companies do this because sunscreen is an official antiageing product. Therefore if you mix it into moisturiser that product also can be legally called antiageing. Its a con I am afraid. Always use a spf of at least 30. I believe that the industry is going to be tightening up on this before long.
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Hi the reason it's not as good to use a moist with SPF is that you should be re-applying SPF every 4 hours where your moist would just apply in the morning. you could use a sun block.......do you wear make up?? ID bare escentials minerals make up has a natural sun protection that reflects the damaging sun rays. The protection will last all day, and the make up it easy to apply and looks great :)
Hope this helps
Emma x
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