Is it okay to get a facial 24 hours after getting false eyelashes put in?

Asked by sammybridge

7 answers

I typically perform the facial first and apply lashes after. However, if a client already has lashes and comes to me for a facial, I cover the eyes with a twisted 4 by 4, after I have dermaplaned and applied facial products, etc. The lashes are protected and yes, I am able to use steam. Afterall, what's a facial without steam!
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I would still perform the facial avoiding the steam and avoiding the eye area which includes wet cotton pads over the eyes :)
Of. Course it is just avoid steam and eye area
Hello Sammy,
Following false eyelashes, it is more than fine to have a facial. However, it is imperative you stay clear of an oil based product as this can affect the adhesive around the eye area.
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I would do a Facial without steam, I would avoid the lashes, alot of my clients want a facial but want their eye make left on which isnt an issue, with the variety of facials available there is an option to make bespoke to suit.
i agree with laura white reply
I wouldn't advise it, as the products used during a facial could have a negative affect on the adhesive used for your lashes and could weaken then and cause them to fall out.
I would recommend facial first, lashes after.