I have severe acne scaring around my face, shoulders & chest area. what do you recommend?

I still have acne and my doctor isn't recommending me the right medication so my scarring just keeps getting worse. I'm 18 and have had acne since November 2011 and I have had chest acne for 3 years. The scarring is unbearable and I really want something done to stop the acne and remove scarring. Is there any long term treatment recommended at a good price because I am a student?
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Hi Chenai, i just realised that you asked your question 5 months ago..so hopefully you have already found an answer to this.However i just wanted to let you know that i have some great treatments for acne and scarring and they are all half price to teenagers and students like your self..for more info please contact me..Georgia x
Environ will definitely help you, but on student monies "may" be to expensive. although quite a harsh treatment one of my young clients went to a dermatolgist& was put on roaccutane, a vitamin A treatment. it is available on the NHS.get in touch if you would more information.
if we are talking about chemical peels I can only recommend pyruvic acid (as course of treatments and night cream to use at home). I have lots of great results within my clients with both active acne and acne scars.
You can buy this cream from my website and you will be surprised how quick and great results you will get.
Chenai, so sorry to hear the problems you have been having.
Acne scarring can have a terrible effect on self esteem. However, you are not alone - there are plenty of options.
One being Dermaroller. You can see the treatment in action here at Tracey Bell: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rk7EpNDuIik
The concept of Dermaroller therapy, also known as skin needling, is based on the skin’s natural ability to repair itself whenever it encounters physical damage such as cuts, burns and other abrasions. Immediately after an injury occurs to the skin, our body reuses the damaged collagen and elastin fibres as well as other damaged skin components to produce new healthy ones.
By rolling your affected areas with a dermaroller, the natural process of skin renewal is activated. By stimulating the collagen and elastin production, the areas where the acne scars appear will begin to plump and smooth out, creating an improved skins surface.
If you would like more information or you would like us to assess your scars, you can email clinical photos to reinvnt@traceybell.co.uk where we would be more than happy to help.
Acne Medication is not the solution in clearing skin conditions. All medication comes with side effects some acne medication contains antibiotics.
Antibiotics kills the good bacteria in your digestive tract. As a result, you will suffer digestion problems, weak immune system, thrush, Candida, hormonal imbalance, urine infections and poor absorption of essential nutrients.
Your body cannot eliminate waste efficiently which cause more acne to develop as toxic waste accumulate in your body the body's pH refers to the balance of acid and alkali in your skin, your ph is acidic which keep causing these out breaks.
Instead of using harsh chemicals or medication to control acne consider using natural methods to clear up any skin problems its simple cheap and effective.
Nutrition and lifestyle changes is the only solution to curing acne, bring your body back into balance naturally.

Best wishes Lauries Barry
Dear Chenai
You need to get the underlying acne process controlled first, if you have scarring then you should be eligible for oral isotretinoin from an NHS dermatologist.
When they have completed this treatment it will take several months for the skin to settle down but if at that stage they were concerned about scarring then fillers can be useful for ice pick scarring, but not for keloid scars.
Hope this helps,
Dr Richard Thompson BM. BS. MRCP. MRCGP. DTM&H
GP-SI in Dermatology
Yorkshire Skin Clinic
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I also have specific Acne treatment using various machines, steam, specific serums.
Each treatment is 2 hours at £69
You should try a course of Microdermabrasion facial. It is really great for facial skin. Are you in West Sussex?
I would recommend the same as Regnurse. I use a company called mesoesthetic for skin care and also offer chemical peels for acne and then needling for scarring. Good luck
Do you work out? Do you play a sport or exert yourself with some physical activities? Sounds as though your acne may be associated with sweating. Although sweating is not a direct cause of acne, it is the bacteria that thrive in sweaty conditions that can be responsible. Also, the salts released in sweat can irritate existing blemishes. Make a point to cleanse the skin ASAP after exercise or other physical activities that produce sweating. And, if you are unable to cleanse right away, carry a toner with you and gently pat over your face, decollette' and shoulders. This will help to eliminate some of the bacteria until you are able to fully cleanse properly.
Hi Chenai,
I offer IPL Laser treatments for hair and skin treatments. Acne scarring is definitely one of the treatments that are popular. Especially ages between 18 and 30. If you have tried numerous medication and creams then I recommend you have a course of IPL Laser sessions. You will see a difference. There are various types of medication for acne, so if you think you may not have tried alot, then maybe go back to your GP to see if there is anything else they could possible prescribe. IPL Laser is very effective with acne and scarring and students are definelty taking advantage of offers i currently have. Do you do any hair removal on these areas where you have acne, this could also aggravate your skin.
Best wishes Kym. 😊
Hi Chenai.
Hello. Well done for putting your question up, Ideally, we need to stop the cause, then repair the damage. also stop any chances of it coming back. Maybe the acne is Hormonal & will pass, have you recently back in Nov 2011 started a contraceptive medicine.

I would hope that you are using a medicated antibacterial body wash, 1-2 x a day, to help keep the normal healthy sweat glands in check, & you are drinking plenty of water.
Sun Light, will help, not frying, just get some SAFE sun exposure, 15 mins a day at least.
Eat healthy etc.
What we can do for the Active ACNE, is use a PAINLESS low level Laser Light to stimulate O3` a Super Oxygen under your skin, this causes the areas that harbour bacteria to become unsuitable for it to live, causing the bacteria, that causes the Acne to die INSTANTLY.
It will be up to you to keep it that way, there after.
At the same time, we can boost your natural collagen to fill out any uneven parts of your skin surface, & as a Bonus, if there are ridges around tiny craters, we can smooth them out & offer a mild laser peel, to give you a rejuvenated look. Nice to help. Sincerely. Mr.David.Doyle


Omg yes from August 2011 to Novemeber 2011 I was on the Depo contraceptive which lasted 3 months , just a week before it ended ( a week before my birthday) I had a random outburst of spots on my face. I first thought it was bites because they appeared over night but then I realised it was acne because they were non stop for about a month. So from Novemeber 2011 till now I've never had clear skin just repetitive spots appearing.
Can I get a consultation with you first?
My recommendation would be to get onto cosmecuetical skin care (Environ) designed to help acne and once it is under control treat the scarring with needling treatments.


Yes i totaly agree, i use both of these in my skin clinic with great results!