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Question: My daughter has a lot of scarring from acne, what do you recommend?

Asked by saima-69

10 answers

My daughter has a lot of scars left by acne all over her there anything available to help clear the skin from these scars permanently? thanks.

Acne Treatments, Face Peel

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I can fully recommend the Genuine Dermaroller for effective removal of acne scars from all areas of the body. I have used this technique successfully on many clients who have acne scars, particularly on the face. It works by building up the collagen in the skin to so the scars are no longer deep/pitted.

Most clients require 2-3 Dermaroller treatments to achieve a successful result, depending on the severity of the scarring.

The scars can be treated with the Dermaroller technique in two different ways. One is with the Dermaroller where we would treat the whole face but focus on the scars, the other is with the Dermastamp where we only treat the scars.

There are advantages to each. With the Dermaroller you benefit from total facial rejuvenation to boost the collagen stores over the whole face and improve the complexion, treating pores, pitting, fine lines and wrinkles. The cost for this treatment is £200 for the face.

With the Dermastamp, a similar treatment is directed only at the scars and provides a more intensive treatment for the scars. The cost for this treatment is £130.

Many thanks for your enquiry

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hi, thanks for your reply, im intrested in the above recomendations and would like to knw how and where to come fr the treatment. Is this the cost of a full course of treatment or just 1 treatment?..where are you based?..thanks


hi, thanks for your reply, im intrested in the above recomendations and would like to knw how and where to come fr the treatment. Is this the cost of a full course of treatment or just 1 treatment?..where are you based?..thanks

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Hi there. Without seeing the skin it is difficult to give an exact prescription of treatment but usually microdermabrasion, chemical peels or dermaroller are most effective in removing acne scarring depending on the depth. Where abouts are you based????

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Dermaroller is much more effective than microdermabrasion or chemical peels with far less 'downtime' - time required for recovery following treatment. Dermaroller is also far better for the complexion generally


Hi there.

Our Aesthetic Nurse, Sharon Gilshenan, uses Dermaroller to very good effect in reducing the appearance of acne scars. Sharon has been an NHS nurse for over 20 years, and an Aesthetic Nurse for over 3 years now. She has suggested that your daughter comes in for a free consultation to meet and discuss, with no obligation, her current situation.
If you would like to make this appointment please call 01737 850117

Warmest Regards

Karl Monahan
Clinic Director


Hi there, as an alternative to chemical peels and stronger treatments (particularly if she has young sensitive skin) Rosehip oil is clinically proven to reduce scars. trilogy rosehip oil gives
41% improvement in colour of scars
27%improvement in appearance of scars
26%improvement in visible area of scars
people who suffer from acne tend to have very delicate and inflamed skin reducing the amount of damage to the skin will vastly improve the appearance.
hope this is helpful (and its not as expensive as chemical treatments)



Acne can leave a variety of scars or marks on the skin.

If the acne has left discoloured or pigmented marks you can try microdermabrasion or light skin peels specifically formulated for fading pigmentation Skinceuticals Pigment Balancing Peel or Circadia Mandeliclear for ethnic skin types.

If the scars are more like depressions in the skin then I have found that a short course of microdermabrasion preps and boosts the skin before using medical micro skin needling using a needle of approx 1.5mm long.
It can take 3 to 6 dermaroller treatments to improve the scars by inducing collagen to form and plum up the scars.

A home care regime which includes an antioxidant Vitamin C serum every morning (Phloretin CF, C Tetra, Serum 10 by Skinceuticals and Medik8) help to fortify and lighten the skin and prep it for the cellular activity the dermaroller needs to work.

The use of a Retinol cream at night, starting only with 3 nights a week, will also stimulate a smoother firmer more even skin texture.

Diane Nivern
Facialist, Aesthetician
Diane Nivern Clinic Ltd



Thank you for your enquiry. We use a healing clay mask that helps with tissue repair, scar healing, wounds and sluggish circulation. Great for helping heal those stubborn acne scars. This will also prevent acne coming back. Hope this helps.


I agree with the other answers so I won't duplicate. Having experienced Dermaroller I would warmly recommend it. I had it at Clinica Fiore in Covent Garden, London



We distribute Belgian Pharmaceutical products in UK.
I sell them to my clients in Princess Soraya Salon.
The Best gel for Oily skin spots (ACNE) is a gel by Dexsil Belgian Laboratories.
Called "Spot"
This gel has no colour, therefore, men and women can use it without
worrying that someone will notice it on their skin.
This is based on Pharmaceutical ingredient that heals, dries Oily skin
spots. Yet it allows the skin to naturally generate Collagen.
This Collagen production prevents and OVERCOMES any Acne Scarrs.
If you like more information please contact me at Princess Soraya Salon




Laser acne treatment for 100% results contact us on 07794525717 .Beauty Club Manchester


Yes, there are some natural ways to remove acne scars on skin. You have to rub aloe vera over the affeced area. You can also apply lemon juice, cucumber juice over it. If this remedy does not work effectively then you can go for natural skin lightening product.

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