What type of wax is best for sensitive skin types?

Is there one brand/type of wax that's better for those who react to products easily?
Asked by Judy-J

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Hot wax is best for sensitive areas as its much less traumatic for the skin. Lycon do great hot wax,that melts at a lower temp. Their vanilla lycoflex is a good one for sensitive skin as it contains titanium dioxide, this has an soothing effect on the skin.
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lycon wax have a wide range of hot waxes and strip wax. I find that Berry Strip Wax is amazing for sensitive skin. Doesn't stick to skin completely due to the titanium dioxide and zinc acting like a barrier to the skin but enough to pull out the hair. Technique is very important ie. application should be applied thinly and removed asap Applying cool water and cooling glass probes after the waxing helps to cool the skin down as well as Aleo Vera Gel.
Hope that helps, as I know this works!
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Cream warm wax is good for sensitive skin type and having it done professionally too
Hi Judy,
The best option for sensitive skin is sugar paste. It's absolutely natural - sugar, lemon and water and it's suitable for any type of skin. Doesn't leave ANY irritation. All my clients more than happily switched waxing for sugaring! Lucie
Perron Rigot 'hot wax' is the best type for sensitive skin's especially bikini's.
You can get lavender or tea tree wax. Or hot wax is also really good!
I use Lavender Wax..... its ideal for facial areas such as brows lip & Chin area. It also has calming effects on the skin.
All the answers are correct tea tree is best for sensitive skin, because is antinflamatory, after
a soothing tea tree after wax lotion is applied to reduce sensitivity and calm skin.
Brazilian wax Bromley
Creme wax with tea tree should be ok It is good for sensitive skin
You can try the tea tree wax, the brand such as perron, lyco, those are the popular ones, but any brand with tea tree will be fine, pregnant ladies also fine with it!!