What are the olfactory effects of massage? What fungal infection would prevent a massage?

What effects does massage have on the olfactory system?
What fungal infection would completely prevent (not restrict) a massage being carried out?
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Hi Sarahiri.
Two big questions in did.
for the first one: I agree with the first answer about the benefits of aromatherapy. using different essential oils can effect the brain in different ways, and therefore, your body. They can be really relaxing (lavender is a classic) or really invigorating (have a sniff of black pepper or peppermint oil). The other effect that massage can have on the olfactory system is to help and drain the sinuses. If you are suffering from blocked sinuses than your sense of smell might be affected.
As for your second question: massage should not be given directly on a fungal infection, however, as long as you inform your therapist and as long as their clinic is clean and their towels are fresh, the treatment should not be completely prevented. just restricted to the non infected area.
hope that I answered your questions.
Effie Love.
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Wow exam questions. Well I would say Aromatherapy has more of an effect on the olfactory system. The sense of oils can trigger the brain and can release relaxing thoughts and other memories.
To answer your second question: A client with Athlete's foot or Ringworm .
Hope this helps.


Thanks for your help, but part of the question asks about contraindications that would restrict the treatment and I have put athlete's foot and ringworm down already as I know the area can be avoided, but another part of the question asks to name one fungal infection that would prevent the treatment and I can't find the answer in my books or online. I've even just looked in health books and on websites that say the infection affects one area, then searched for that name and massage prevention.