Can I have a CACI face lift if I have had breast cancer in the past?

Not having treatment, my nurse said it's ok, but local salon wouldn't do it. Please advise.
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Having CACI treatments on the face is fine to have ,if you have had breast cancer in the past but always get a letter from your GP if your not sure .
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As the other answers say, you need to be completely clear but I can only imagine that this is if the treatment involves a lymphatic drainage element. I use a Vitalift machine (as made by Dectro International who make the world famous Apilus electrolysis machine)... If using hand-held probes, my machine DOES include a drainage programme. If only adhesive pads are used, though, the treatment does not drain (no movements across to the lymph nodes).
I think you would have to explain the treatment to your GP (or Consultant, preferably) to see what their opinion is. The CACI manufacturers (and other microcurrent companies) are probably being cautious - which is quite right - in order to comply with their insurance requirements. But all cancers and are different, and so are all patients.
Hi, you would need to be 5 years clear or in remission with a GP note to confirm that they are happy for the treatment to be carried out. Hope this helps. x
If you cancer has been within the last 5 years, I would always recommend getting a Specialist or GP letter confirming that they are happy for this type or any type of treatment to proceed.
I hope this helps x