Please may I ask if you have the CatioLift facial, using the electric equipment?

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I use the Sorisa Lifting (micro current) equipment which is recognised as a non surgical lifting treatment.
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Hi, sorry I only use products for facials, not electric equipment
Regards, Sarah
Yes, we provide Non Surgical Lift for Face, Eyes, Body, Neck.
Details listed below.
Non Surgical Lift Professional - £89
Non Surgical Lift will tone and firm the muscles in the face, neck and eyes. Lines and wrinkles are reduced and circulation and Lymphatic drainage is increased.Elasticity is restored in ageing skin and delays the ageing process in younger skins.The Firmness of Muscles will be permanent. This is the ultimate Lifting facial which is corrective and preventive.
Sorry janet i use a non surgical face lift machine and products
Hi Janet, I carry out Holistic facials using aromatherapy oils and creams using my hands. No electic equipment is used.
Thank you x
The natural face lift or non surgical facelift technique that I use is purely holistic, there is no equipment involved.
At Skin Solutions we have the CACI ULTRA useing microcurrent ultrasound and laser. The CACI system was devised by a Dr Thomas Wing to re educate the facial muscles of bells palsey victim. I am delighted to say that I have treated two such cases sucessfuly. CACI is the BEST check out the web site. Please be advised Skin Solutions are in SPAIN and are listed on the official CACI web site.
Sorry, I only use my Mabel Plus RF machine which stmulates the collagen, tightens the skins & reduces fat deposits.
Hope you find what you are looking for.
Hi Janet, we use a non-surgical facelifting microcurrent machine, which is an Italian machine. It uses very small electrical impulses to 're-educate' the many muscle groups of your face, meaning that they respond to the stimulation by lifting and tightening in response to the movements we use. We have many happy clients, who come to us on a regular basis for maintenance treatments once they have completed a full course of treatments (usually 10-12 sessions)
Microcurrent machines are the best way to achieve a lifting and enhancing result for the face, as it has been clinically proven that the muscles will continue to respond to the treatment up to 72 hours after you have had your treatment.
Microcurrent results in a cumulative effect - each time you have a treatment, there will be a further improvement in your muscle tone, and an improved 'lift' in areas such as the forehead, eyes and jowl/jaw.
Microcurrent., like all non-surgical procedures, has it's limitations, and if you have deep lines or wrinkles, although they will be softened by the treatment, they will not disappear completely. However, you will be left with a firmer, fresher look to your skin, and the comments that my clients tend to receive from family and friends is that they look 'well' or 'fresh', which is a sure sign that the treatment is working!
It's worth trying to find a salon/clinic that offers a consultation for this treatment, so that the practitioner can give you an accurate assessment, and, if they are a skilled operator of a microcurrent machine, they will also be looking to tailor the treatment to your particular needs, rather than just doing a 'standard' movement routine, which will work for you to a degree, but which will fall short of your expectations if it isn't planned out to suit you.
We use Environ products with all our facial treatments, as they help to enhance the results, and work on the collagen and elastin, to produce tighter, firmer skin.
It definately works, and I am sure that you will be pleased with your results if you try it!
Hi Janet
Sorry I use only very good products, Mask & serums to do the facials, its very effective it's call Bio-lift facial. If you are interested please contact me.
Thank you for your enquiry.
I do not use electircals for facials sorry.
No sorry we use Silhouette
Hi Janet, unfortunately I don't use electrical equipment to perform the facials that I do. I use the Dermalogica range of professional products to perform various facials for my clients.
Thank you for your question. Sorry I only perform facials using products (not machines)
Kindest Regards
Steph x
We do customise each treatment individually to each person's requirements via our own plant based formulations and combine those with High Frequency and/or Galvanic
sorry i only do a basic facial, i do not use any electrical equipment
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