Does it depend on who does your eyelash extensions - can fall out after one week?

I have had noveau lashes and LCN and some actually come out the same day they are done. longest was 2 weeks but still some came out. Had some done a year ago last a month, but now all the salons I go to, they only last a week or so, even had infills after 2 weeks, they still came out, thinking that it is the person and glue that counts.
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It does depend partly on your own lash cycle. If your lashes only tend to grow to a short length before shedding they might have a very quick turn-over. My extensions have been on for 3 weeks and one eye is still perfect (I've lost some on the other eye but this was mostly due to going on an adventure training weekend immediately afterwards and crawling in the mud). Try a lash care serum perhaps ? If that doesn't help, Lash Lab did mine and were really excellent xx
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Of course who does your lashes makes a difference as you need a good glue and a good bond between the fake lash and the natural lash. I use eyelash emporium glue which I think is fab and it has such a great reputation in the lash world.
But you've also got to remember that your lashes are all at different stages of their life cycle, so you will end up losing some when that lash cycle is complete. That's nothing to do with who fitted them or the glue they used, it's just down to being a natural process. You don't usually notice natural lashes falling out as they are so teeny tiny but of course fake lashes are longer and thicker so there's more chance of you noticing them. It also makes a difference how you look after your lashes. For eg. you need to make sure you aren't sleeping on the side of your face at night and that you aren't rubbing your eyes without realising. Even things like pulling on t shirts/jumpers over your head and not taking care can have an effect on how long your lashes last.
You should choose the right person to fit them, but you also need to make sure you are taking care of them too.
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I think it depends on lots of things. Yes the technician and glue can make a difference but also it depends on the person who has the lashes. Me and a friend had ours done by the same ladie and my friends lasted ages and mine looked bad after a week.
I tried YSL Shocking False Lash Mascara this week and its AMAZING. Also you do need a comb to comb through your lashes after you have applied as its quite heavy but the effect is great. Give it ago its only £23 :)
Hi, I think you are correct - it is the technician and glue that determines how long the lashes stay in tact. Some glues are instant dry and this has an effect. Lash duration and durability is also dependent on whether the entire natural lash is encapsulated in the glue. This is down to application tecnhique. Also, you must ensure your natural lashes are clean and free from any grease or waterproof mascara before application.
I feel that some companys tend to lie about how long there lashes actually last.I use hollywood lashes and i mainly have my clients come back every two also depends on your natural lashes. if they sred fast then the lash extenions will come out fast. Other factors can also be included lash picking/sleepin on your sides. rubbing eyes and lashes.It could the therapist and the glue they use. Personnally i would go with who you feel most happy with and are willing to pay for infills.x
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