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Question: do you do pregnancy massage?

Asked by wendyjones 6 years ago

12 answers

I am 15wks pregnant and looking to have a mother to be massage.

Therapeutic Massage

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Salma 6 years ago

Hi there Wendy, I hope you are well. There are many opnions on this in the holistic therapy world, but generally, in the first 3 months of a pregnancy (when there is a higher risk of potential miscarriages, especially with women who have had previous miscarriages or complications in pregancy) it is not recommended. Although pregnancy is strictly not a contraindication (a reason not to treat a client) I, personally, do not carry out massage treatments are women who are 3 months pregnant or less. The health and safety of a client is the MOST important factor and as a therapist it is my duty to be honest in this matter. I hope that has been helpful? If I can offer you advise or recommend you to someone who is trained in pregnancy massage, then please contact me again. All the best, Salma.

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Janis 6 years ago

Hi there - no, sorry, I don't do pregnancy massage. I would advise you to make sure that you find a practitioner who is specially trained in pregnancy massage to ensure you receive the best and safest treatment for you. Sorry I can't be of more help on this occasion and good luck with your pregnancy!

Suzanne 6 years ago

Hello, Yes I do pregnancy massage and if you look at my website, we also offer a pregnancy pamper session with facial and massage?
At 15 weeks, you could have most types of massage, but we would need to be careful with any chosen oils?

Senses 6 years ago

Hi Wendy

We have therapists who do pregnancy massage and also a qualified therapist who does specialist reflexology for pre, during and post pregnancy. Our therapists are highly qualified so you will be receiving the best care and attention and our wellbeing centre is peaceful and rejuvenating.

We look forward to welcoming you sometime soon and wish you well with your pregnancy.

Wellbeing Wishes


AmandaTizard 6 years ago

Hi Wendy. Yes I do pregnancy massage. I am based in Ladbroke Grove and my rates are £50 per hour if you come to me or £80 if I travel to your home. Please feel free to call if your interested in booking. Hope to hear from you soon.
Kind regards

Amanda Tizard 07967300806

jag-reeves 6 years ago

Massage in pregnancy is absolutely safe and wonderful and very beneficial for both of you. The only reason people recommend you do not receive massage in the first trimester is because miscarriages are more likely statistically during this time and if this were to happen after a massage who do you thing would get the blame? Though you are not outside of the first trimester.
There are a few acupressure points that have a dispelling and purging effect on the body and these are not recommended during pregnancy. I have massaged many pregnant women. Some practical adjustments have to be made later in pregnancy, otherwise it is a wonderful experience for all involved, and often very helpful with reducing the sometimes unpleasant effects of pregnancy like sickness and backache.

enjoyfeet 6 years ago

Yes I do, from the second trimester

SenoirTherapist 6 years ago

Hi Wendy, hope you are well. I am trained in prenatal massage,and yes you can have a massage or beauty treatment when you are pregnant. Since you are over 3 months pregnant you will be fine for treatment. Massage is very relaxing for you and your baby calms both of you. As I a mobile Therapist I come direct to your door, so you can sit and relax at the comfort of your own home.

PaolaEnergya 6 years ago

Hi Wendy, it should be safe for you to have a massage, generally speaking what works best is a combination of manual lymphatic drainage for the legs as they tend to get swollen with some Swedish massage for the rest of the body.
It is also lovely to have a face massage as it really works on the central nervous system, inducing a nice sense of relaxation and improved quality of your sleep.
All the best

Carole1 6 years ago

Hello Wendy, Thank you for making enquiries about pregnancy massage. Firstly I trust you are well and congratulate you on your pregnancy. Secondly I do treat mums to be but from 12 weeks, again as you have probably noticed most of us therapist state that the risk of miscarriage or complications may arise during the first 12 weeks, thus for us therapist we recommend after the first trimester. There would be one exception for me: should I have been treating you for infertility with reflexology and massage then I would feel comfortable continuing to treat this person. Generally preganancy massage is a truely wonderful experience for the Client and Therapist and the energy created between the three of us is truely special..Some mums to be expect to have their baby bump massaged whilst others definately don't want it massaged. The therapist should ask you this during your initial consultation. I wouldalso avoid specific reflex points on the foot. I would be interested in where you live - I treat from Hampton Hill in Middlesex UK as I noticed there are some responses from as far afield as USA!. Please make sure that you choose a therapist who is insured and qualified in this specific field. Once again congratulations and good luck
Carole Barnes
Touching Lives Holistic Massage and Reflexology

Amy-F 6 years ago

Hello Wendy, congratulations on your wonderful news! Unfortunately I am not trained to offer pregnancy massage, though it is something I would like to learn to do in the future. As I understand it, a properly trained practitioner will offer pregnancy massage from the second trimester onwards to avoid risk of miscarriage which is higher in the first trimester. I'm told that the massage is great for relieving the sore backs and tired/swollen legs often associated with pregnancy and so I would definitely recommned this for you. After you have given birth, you could perhaps have training in infant massage - passing on massaging goodness to your ittle one. This is also another great way to bond with baby. The course is taught by practitioners qualified in teaching infant massage and as far as I'm aware is not to long in duration.

Wishing you all the best

Rebecca Urban Oasis 6 years ago

We offer an Expectancy Back or Full body massage to women who are over 12 weeks pregnant and are fit and healthy.
We also do an Expectancy Pamper Package, this includes a Back Massage, Foot Massage and an Express Facial. 1 1/2 Hrs for £67.
Ideal to help relieve any aches or pains and to totally de-stress.
All of our treatments are on our website
Please get in contact if you are interested on 0161 835 4061.

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