Facials - what products are natural/organic/not tested on animals that get good results?

Products that are okay to use on sensitive and ageing skin too.
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As an aromatherapist I make my own skincare from 100% natural products. The basis of my skincare is obviously focused on aromatherapy essential oils and I have based the oils I use on research and testing on humans. It is a known fact that any product containing Rose and Frankincense Essential Oils have great regenerative properties and so are fantastic to use on ageing skin. Frankincense actually regenerates the skin cells at a faster rate and is brilliant at preventing / minimising fine lines and wrinkles.
My anti- ageing oil also contains jojoba oil which is a wonderful oil to use in facial products. this is because the oil resembles almost exactly the structure of our own skin, namely the sebum and therefore this helps treat and balance our skin whether it be oily or dry.
I would always look for products without chemicals and preservatives in them as these ingredients serve no purpose to the condition of our skin and can leave it clogged and blocked causing breakouts etc. Not to mention that any chemicals placed on the skin are infused through the skin and enter the bloodstream, so not too good for our health either.
When choosing products ALWAYS read the label to check what ingredients have been used. My advice is to choose as natural as you can as you will look and feel better !
Susanna x
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There are so many products on the market now which are organic but some organic and natural products can also contain irritating plant extracts so can make the skin more sensitive so you still have to be careful. I have been I therapist for 10 years and the last 4 I have set up my own beauty room where I either make my own products or source organic products, I'm a big fan of Ren & trilogy products they are great for sensistive skins too but if you are looking for more anti aging I recommend Environ as it contains Vitamin A and antioxidents which can penetrate deeper into the skin than normal cosmetics & protect your skin from the enviroment I have seen great results on clients. I have just started my own blog now which if you follow I will update homemade recipies too the best tried and tested organic products the recent one has the nasty chemicals to look out for in the high street brands. If you need more advice you can contact me info@moniqueh.com
The best product to use with natural ingredients made using aromatherapy products and not animal tested is Eve Taylor's TIME LINE INTESIVE CREAM: it is a response to linear changes in the skin related to life style flaws that come with age, intense sun exposure, environmetal changes or integrity.
I use The Aromatherapy Company products. They are effective, soil association approved, organic and beautiful to work with. They have kits for all different skin types and the customer service is fantastic.
Neal's Yard do a really good range of organic facial ranges including the Frankincense range which is ideal for older skins. These all have really high volumes of organic products, are completely natural, no nasties in them, not tested on animals and Neals Yard is a really ethical company. Everyone I use them on loves these products and they are pretty well priced too when you consider how pure they are - and last ages! If you need any products please look at my site to purchase - http://www.nyorganic.com/shop/JaneHobbs You might also want to consider becoming a Neal's Yard Consultant - you get a marvellous set up pack for £95.00 which contains about 3 times the value of products and includes all the best sellers. Email me jane@therapy-hub.com if you want any more info.


I looked at Neal's Yard Website and found it really inspiring and loved their ethics. I am looking at using their products. thank you so much for your advice.
I use a make called Kimberly Sayer which is 95% organic, is not tested on animals and she is very careful to source high quality ingredients so her products are safe but potent. She includes lots of soothing ingredients, antioxidants, vitamins and ingredients such as plant collagen which bind moisture into the skin. Her day creams contain a mineral sunscreen of SPF 25 which protects against UVA and UVB rays. I have an on line shop and a complete list of all the ingredients are listed there by each product if you want more detail. I am also a big fan of plant oils. I favour all the oils which are rich in the essential fatty acids as these are crucial to the skin functioning healthily. They include oils such as chia seed oil, rosehip oil, camellina and evening primrose. They tend to be thin, dry oils which penetrate the skin very well without leaving a greasy residue and they will improve hydration and elasticity while reducing the appearance of fine lines. They will also help to strengthen the barrier function of the skin as well so your skin is less likely to be reactive.
Hi Julie - the best products used in facials are ones which are chirally correct - in tune with the skin's molecular structure (less likely to irritate - more likely to get good result). Products such as SkinScription http://shop.traceybell.co.uk/category/SkinScription/Skincare are ideal for great results for any skin type.
Have you heard of Pinks Boutique? A complete range of luxury skincare, bodycare, manicure, pedicure and waxing products made from 100% natural and organic ingredients.
I highly reccomend there : Organic Anti-aging Facial Serum, it is packed full of natural plant extracts and antioxidant rich oils. Scientifically proven to reduce the signs of aging and sun damage, super-charged rosehip works in harmony with avocado, camellia and jojoba oils to rejuvenate and restore skin cells.
And it's priced well too only £46.00 for 50ml
My chosen product brand to use for facials is Purebliss, they are very very good, and cover all the stipulations you have for a product.
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