Are organic skincare products better for sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin are you less likely to react to more natural products?
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Hi there Judy J, potentially a sensetive skin can react to a product whether it be orgganic or not! - The cause of your sensetive skin must be determined and if possible treated, depending on what it is - whether it be an internal imbalance caused by hormones, or an intolerance to food, or an external factor such as your work environment, or your current skin care regime. If your skin has only recently become sensetive try exploring what else has changed in your life and this may help pinpoint why your skin has changed......If you've always had a sensetive skin and all other factors are stable then a change of skincare can help control it.
Using organic products i believe is better for any skin type/condition, if possible do patch tests to reassure you of a product before you invest in it - and introduce one new product at a time so then if you do react to anything it is easy to identify.
Try 'Natural Elements - Essentially yours Easy to locate online, and they have trail sizes available!
Hope this is helpful.
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I am the beauty editor for Nurtured Beauty, The Organic Blonde and EcoDivalicious and I find the best of the best organic and natural skincare and yes, unequivocally, if you are finding TRUE natural organic products, these will undoubtedly be better for ultra sensitive skin.
Many cleansers, toners and indeed, moisturizers contain some pretty serious chemicals that, in the short term, may appear to be fine, but can contribute to making skin MORE sensitive without realizing they are the cause.
There are some fabulous products such as Sprout Wellness, Suki, Suti UK, MV Skincare, the list could go on forever, that provide some amazing support gently yet effectively for sensitive skin, even going so far as to make skin less sensitive.
Even some of the organic products are very strong so might affect the skin in order that you'll have a reaction.


They might be, depends why your skin is sensitive. It may be stripped and need to have its acid mantel restored. Or you may have food sensitivities or a hormonal imbalance.
Organic is best period!!!
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Natural & Organic products are undoubtedly best for the skin. Obviously certain skins may react to certain natural ingredientssuch as essential oils but this can be tried and tested if you are having your products made to order. The fewer the preservatives etc the better also, which is why fresh is best. Natura skincare should not block the pores, allowing your skin to breath, which is much better for sensitive skin, unless you are using something like beeswax which acts like a barrier. Ph balance of the skin is also really important, if the ph levels are above 7 (neutral) the skin can become very sensitive and prone to rashes and such like. So the Ph of skincare should ideally be around 4.5 - 5.
I have a range of Natural & Organic Skincare that can be tilored to suit you individual needs, using only the very best raw ingredients.
See my website for more information on Fresh Natural & Organic Skincare.
I would recommend using this amazing french brand specifically formulated for sensitive skin LA ROCHE POSAY.
You can find them in most big pharmacies including Boots. Not expensive but very very good.


Thanks Yelena, I've heard they are a great brand so might give them a go!
For optimum results its important to have a balance between organic ingredients and other elements. Try our SkinScription range which is chirally correct - meaning it keeps skin molecules happy!
It is always best to use pure natural products as it is usually the presence of chemicals and preservatives that cause skin problems. Always read the label on products and be careful as many high street products label themselves 'natural' when in fact they are laden with artificial preservatives. Why not make your own beauty products just from the contents of your fridge, fruit bowl or cupboard ? For example try make your own face mask. Mash some strawberries, natural yoghurt and fine oatmeal and mix into a paste. Apply to face, leave for 5 mins and wash off with a flannel that has been soaked in warm water. This will exfoliate your face and leave your skin wonderfully smooth.
I always have recipes on my facebook page for you to try at home ( Karma Life Aromatherapy Knaresborough) or have a look at my website for natural products all suitable for sensitive skin.
Good luck
Susanna x
I would say yes, however anyone could react to any product organic or not ! My clients like `janmarini and dermaceutic products which can be tailored to the individual. They contain revevenation and cell turn over properties as well as being kind to the skin.
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