I need help on how to cover up or get rid of my birthmark. I am fair skinned but of black ethnicity

Hi. I was contacted by someone at a dermatologist clinic regarding a consultation but was told that I could not receive the laser treatment available for birthmarks because of the pigmentation in my skin and the chance of hyperpigmentation occuring due to skin type. I have been unsuccessful in finding a suitable cover make-up as well and really would like to know who I can see to get help for a reasonable price as I am really bothered about my skin problem
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Try dermablend - best product available on the market for Angioma, red patches, Vitiligo, Rosacea, post-operative scars, pronounced dark patches, hyperpigmentation, and acne cover up.
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Hi, without seeing you its difficult to know what we can do but do send us a picture and well try to help.
hi there what coverup makeup have you tried and how did you apply it?
I too recommend Dermablend but would also suggest that you get a personal consultation from the sales representative regarding custom blending your own shade. This may require that you purchase more than one shade. And, being of African American decent and light colored, I suspect that you may also have an olive undertone. Most make-up and camoflauge products for dark shades contain red or orange undertones. Lycogel however, offers camaflauge products that can be custom blended and they also offer a light green shade. Perfect for custom blending a shade for persons with olive in their undertone.
Hi annya777,
It is difficult to provide accurate advice without seeing your birthmark. However Genuine Dermaroller treatments help reduce the appearance of birthmarks by smoothing and brightening the skin and encouraging new skin cells to be formed. The risk of hyperpigmentation is virtually zero with appropriate post-procedure skin care following Dermaroller treatments.
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They were right in telling about the laser, i have seen the damage they can do.
There is company in London called covent gardens cosmetics i think thats it, they sell really good cover up make-up but its not cheap.
You need to match your skin tone to it.
Either visit them or buy some sample pots.
gook luck


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You could achieve a degree of lightening or fading with the use of Skinceuticals Skin Brightening protocols such as Pigment Regulator, Retinol 0.5 and a broad spectrum sunscreen. I also recommend the use of an antioxidant serum to protect skin during treatments.
This protocol will help to disperse melanin making cells in the skin, exfoliate darkened cells from the skin and protect the skin from UV light stimulating the production of more pigmented cells.
The use of an in clinic treatment such as Skinceuticals Pigment Regulator Peel or Circadia's Mandeliclear peel ( the later is especially suitable for black and Asian skins) will speed up the process.
A period of 4 weeks prep with the above protocol of products must be used before a skin peel on any ethnic skin to achieve a safe reliable result.
Fading of pigmentation can take several months - patience is needed
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