Looking for bridal make up for black skin in north, central birmingham UK? (MAC, Bare mineralls)

I am looking for a make up specialist who is used to providing make up for black skin - ideally looking to sample the following brands - MAC, Bare minerals, Bobbi brown. Please advise. I want to book a trial.
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Hi i'm a distributor for FM Make up and products I am a black woman and have used the products for over a year now I suffer skin allergies and have had no issues, in fact I won't use anything else. There is a wide range of colours and all products are mineral based , with an extensive variety of products to suit one and all along with that the price is very reasonable.too. Just email me at ses.gayle@sky.com for more information. You will be surprised why you havent started using FM already. Look for sharon gayle on FB or check out the link below.
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MAKE UP OR MAKE DO? Tracey Bell Age Perfecting Mineral Make Up for All Skin Tone
The demographics have changed over the years, and ethnic women are spending significantly more money on cosmetic products like never before.
Latest Research indicates that black and Asian consumers are not being adequately catered for within the beauty industry and the Tracey Bell Brand is aware of this. Although the UK's market for ethnic cosmetics and toiletries has seen a growth of 24% since 2002, the business is only worth £65 million - less than 2% of the total £3.7 billion UK beauty market. The ethnic community has grown rapidly, and one in every ten adults in the UK is now of ethnic origin, it would seem that the beauty industry is failing to meet the needs of modern day Britain.
Women of different ethnic origins want to wear foundation and other cosmetic products that compliment their skin tone and do not appear too light or dark and give a murky grey appearance. Tracey Bell’s Make up is Age Perfecting and mineral based: infused with vitamins A, C, E the unique light reflecting particles improve the appearance of dark circles, redness, breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles. Designed to have the beauty of a makeup but the benefits of SkinCare- all rolled into one. The range reaches out the ethnic demographic, ensuring that the range has a line specifically designed for darker skin tones. Particular favorites within our ethnic custom are the Nude Satin Veil: a lightweight, oil-free highlighting gel that really enhances the tones of darker skin giving it an angelic, radiant glow. Mineral Sheer Veil is another secret weapon the brand stocks: an evolution in mineral technology, it floats over the skin like “liquid light” to brighten and enhance like never before. Just one sweep transforms any and all skin tone from dull to delicately luminous. The secret lies in the High Tec formula of multi mineral complex, known for its light-reflective and skin-protective properties. This helps protect the skin from further damage with a cocktail of anti-oxidants, including Vitamins A & E, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, Ginseng Root Extracts and Glycerin. No fragrance, talc or other potential irritants: perfect for a range of delicate skin of every shade: no more grey camoflage.
Even in today’s multicultural society, it seems scandalous that every woman is not catered for fully, and if she is, the brands that do promote make up for a darker skin are far and hard to come by. Tracey Bell Age Perfecting mineral make up seeks to change this. By stocking the range via the website, the ease of purchase for darker toned women has dramatically increased.
Age Perfecting Mineral Make up is changing the face of beauty: to break down the clear barriers that are still hindering certain individuals in society and making all women look beautiful, regardless of colour, tone or skin-type. Tracey Bell wants to transform how every woman approaches choosing, buying and using her cosmetics. We want to start generating the interest, raise the profile and entertain the idea across the beauty world.
Please take a look at my online store on the link provided, or call the clinic to orer your correct shades and tones on 0151 707 0340
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