Where can I find a facial which includes extraction?

Asked by rosalyn-gomersall

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I have been to two places in London that have great facials that include brilliant extractions and dermabrasion. I would recommend:
- Linda Meredith Salon in Knightsbridge (link below) &
- hydrohealing in Notting Hill (also link below)
Linda Meredith specialises in facials and everyone there is a just a real pro. hydrohealing have this cool machine that is like a little vacuum that sucks out the dirt from your pores - read my review below and you will see what i mean!
Hope that helps!
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N.Spa in Kensington also offer extraction. No red face afterwards, clean and even skin
I use a company called Return to Glory, they have a great spa facial. When I called up I described what I wanted to get out of my facial - as I have quite large pours and arranged the right facial for me. The best thing with this company is that they come to you and bring everything - so having to go on the the grubby tube all bare faced afterward!!
I would recommend a Guinot Hydradermie. It is a specialised treatment, that concentrates on deep cleansing and uses a gentle galvanic current to open the pores to enable easy extraction.
Dear Rosalyn, I do a facial which includes extraction. I use high quality products by Skeyndor. If you are interested, please, do not hesitate to contact me.
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