I have used a warm it up brow colour. The client has light black skin. its gone red.

I have used a warm it up brow for a client who has dark skin. She says its gone red. It's only been the first day and told her she needs to wait for 4 weeks, what shall I do?
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Hi there, I agree with Dorota. You should always mix. I always add blonde colour when I do brows to prevent them going red or blue. Its also to do with skins undertone that you have to neutralise. She has to wait minimum 2 weeks and perhaps even longer for skin to heal completely and then when you do touch up make sure you mix with lighter pigment.
Hope it helps.
If you have more questions please ask.
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From what you say it sounds as if you used the 'brow warmer' colour completely on its own. As it says it is a warm-up colour, it is used to do exactly that. You MUST mix it with the pigment that is suited to her skin colour (probably a very dark brown here, but could depend on whether she is Asian or Afro-Caribbean - there are lots of 'dark' skins and they can either be a warm OR cool tone). As the other ladies say, it is difficult to tell whether this has pulled red at this early stage - but there can be a strong indication if it is VERY wrong. On Afro-Caribbean skins, it is most often that the pigment pulls a blue-grey colour. Red does sound pretty unusual!
I trust you studied blending and tones in your training? Can you ask your supplier what they suggest would be a good blend?
And, if the shape is good, the colour CAN be sorted!
Don't worry. Ask her to come back in a couple of weeks. Assess the colour and then tell her you can 'adjust' it in a further two weeks when the skin has healed underneath.
Regards, Geraldine


Thank you for your answer. I did ask her to come back and the colour is not red at all. Its a very nice warm brown colour. I have told her to come back in couple of week, where I can assess the colour once the skin has healed.
That's good news! Thanks for the update. It's reassuring to know people read our replies:)
That's good news! Thanks for the update. It's reassuring to know people read our replies:)
Hi, Try uderstand my english, because I am oryginal from Poland. Brown color this is compositions many colors, but basic is red or orange. you have to mixed colors. This is secret of colors, but really brown and black- will be changed after time.
What she can see after first day????? is immpossible. She have to wait minimum 2 weeks, when skin will be health.
Good luck.