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Question: My hair is dry, brittle unmanageable - have a thyroid condition, use good products - what can I do

Asked by anitajones

6 answers

I have an underactive thyroid which causes dry, brittle hair. My hair was in great condition, shiny and soft, i dont know what to do with it. I use good products, my hair dresser is at a loss too. please help going to Africa so need something to help quickly xx

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Of course, the best thing is to try to find a doctor who actually knows how to treat hypothyroidism. Because it is mostly a female problem, medical schools don't teach much about it. However, a friend of mine, hypothyroid, found a great hair and scalp treatment at the Dollar Tree of all places. It is in the section for Black people's hair. By Softee, called Indian Hemp. It contains a blend of vitamin E, natural oils and herbs. It just soaks into her hair ( mine it makes look oily ) and her hair looks great. is on the also says it is on twitter. :)

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Thanks for the tip. I'll try it!

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Hi it would be quite hard to know what to use without actually seeing just how brittle your hair is.
The brazilain blowdry is great for taming dry frizzy unmanageable hair but if your hair is very brittle and breaking it may do it more harm then good.
Certainly a good treatment left on for a good amount of time and using good quality shampoo's and conditioners will help it.
What products have you been using and what has your hairdresser recommended ?


The problem is that your hair reflects whats on the inside and if you have had a thyroid problem until your condition is under control and problem will persist. You can however treat the hair with deep conditioning treatments or hot oil treatments but medication also plays apart on the look and shine of your hair. Hair is made up of Keratin so a it is possable that a Brazilian blow dry may help as it would give it more thickness and shine.


hello! If your hair is dry and brittle I would recommend a shampoo and condition which includes keratin in it.. you could also look at getting a Global Keratin Blow dry, in which its lasts up to 5 months and put keratin and natural oils back into your hair. The shampoo and conditioners to go along with the treatment are fabulous also! I would also recommend a product called Kitoko Oil, its a mixture of 'Moroccan' oils and vitamins, its quite like Argan oil but not as heavy... you can use it on wet hair as a styling product and also on dry hair as a serum. It is also great for your skin.. i.e. using it on your face before applying you make up foundation, dry hands, knuckles, knees, heels! List is endless! Amazing product. There is also a Kitoko range of shampoos and conditioners.

Hope this helps..


My hair gets dry and brittle as well. you will need a good moisturiser especially in the winter months. Use good products such as paul mitchell etc not the cheaper brands as they'll strip your hair & don't use too much shampoo. if you don't need to, just use conditioner to wash out your hair.

The products can only do so much if there is an internal deficiency so taking supplements such as Evening Primrose Oil, Omegas/Halibut oil capsules as well as Multi-vitamins can do wonders for your hair (and skin!). Also remember to drink LOTS of water! And eat healthily - fish, veg, fruit will all help.

Be wary of Brazilian blowdrys as they are good for some peoples' hair but not for others! It's never going to be easy managing dry hair so I'm afraid there is no quick-fix, just a lot of time and care. Definitely invest in treatments and good products such as Argan/Moroccan oil or even Coconut oil is great (and it's a great deal cheaper!).


give Pro Naturals a try.

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