how many days between having dermal fillers in the face and having micodermabrasion

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Another thing to consider is whether you will be having the fillers before or after having the microdermabrasion as the healing timescales and period of inflammation may differ.
If you are having the fillers before the microdermabrasion then you must allow the skin to 'stick together' again before putting any sustained pressure in the form of a microdermabrasion treatment session. This is the variability that Dr Hemming also alluded to below. Some people have skin that can recover much quicker than usual and others may have slow healing skin.
If you are considering the fillers after having the microdermabrasion then, in my personal experience the time scale are slightly shortened as the top layer is where the 'scraping' has been confined to, and therefore may take only 5-7 days in total.
However, these times I have indicated are purely off the cuff, as there is major variation between individuals and so your skin would have to be properly assessed before having any of the treatments, and every doctor/practitioner will have their own protocols in place.
Dr Sid Gautam
Dermaskin Clinics
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There is always a two week golden rule between any treatments
Hello We here at the Skin & Laser Clinic would recommend actually having the Mircodermabrasion before the Dermal Fillers if you can. However, if this is not possible its best to leave it a good two weeks after.
Hope this has been helpful for you .
I wouldrecommend that my clients wait 1 week after dermal fillers before micro to ensure all swelling has disipitated! hope that helps
I have always told my clients to wait 4 weeks after having dermal fillers or Botox before having microdermabrasion .
This is a difficult question to give a perfect answer. Have you had fillers before and if so did you have any problems. I always like to review my clients and their treatments after 2 weeks and at this time would see whether the skin was ready for further treatment. I would definitly wait 2 weeks. If you had any bruising or tenderness then I would delay further. It would also depend on the skin condition and the intensity of dermal abrasion needed. There are other treatments like dermal roller and skin specific skin peels which could also give a good treatment response.
In short definitly 2 weeks possibly longer - at 4 weeks this would be fine!
I hope this helps.
Dr Anna Hemming


thank you anna i will take your advise and wait a few weeks before continuing with the microdermabrasion
No fixed rule but much will depend on how much filler & where on the face.
I would advise leaving probably a minimum of 2 weeks to allow any inflammation from the filler to have settled.


thank you this info is very usefull., i haven,t had dermal fillers before so i,ll take your advise and wait a few weeks before having more microdermabrasion.