I have a damaged toe nail, it is half off but the nail underneath hasn't had time to grow - advice?!

I damaged my toe nail months ago wearing ill fitting trainers and have had some bruising which didn't seem tto be growing out. I have kept the nail very short to try and allow the nail underneath to grow through, thinking tthe damaged nail would eventually fall off. The nail is now very damaged and half off - I know it needs to come off but don't know whether I need to get it removed or hope it happens naturally? I'm worried it will catch and be pulled off which will be painful. Chiropradist do you think?
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Would love to give advice but would only be repeating what everyone else said. Do wait for it to grow out don't force the issue.
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Thank you for your enquirey my suggestion would be that you go and see your GP first who can recommend what procedure would be best for you
thank you
Sounds like a painful situation. It would probably be advisable to see your local Chiropodist/ Podiatrist. As the nail is still attached avoid taking off yourself as it will be painful. Keep clean and bandaged/plastered as this will avoid further ripping. At our clinic our chiropodist will either remove the nail, provide cushioning if there are any boney deviation so the bruising is limited.
Our clinic is in Stanmore, NW LONDON.
Hi, I am a chiropodist and my recommended treatment would be for the nail to be cut back as much as possible and then for a substance called Wilde Pedique to be applied. This is a resin based substance that once applied and cured under UVA light sets and appearance looks just like a nail plate. The original nail continues to grows along the nail bed and the false nail grows out naturally. It looks like a nail and you cut and file it like a normal nail. You can even apply a normal nail polish over the nail. If you look on my website it explains more about the treatment and what Wilde Pedique is used for. Not all chiropodists carry out t his treatment.
Hi The best thing see your GP or chiropodist, they only can help you.
Don't try to remove yourself, will be very painfull and you can get inflamation.
Sorry to hear of your dilema, Go and visit you doctor that should put you in the right direction, or a Chiropodist if you have money to pay for treatment, I would advise you cover it up so it wont catch..owch! I wouldnt force or try to pull it off yourself either. where do you live i could recommend a Chiropodist in Milton Keynes.
Hello, this is very common. A trip to your local GP or Chiropodist would certainly be the way forward. It may take a while for your nail to grow back to its former glory but with the right treatment it certainly will. Your GP should be able to prescribe you some ointment that you will need to paint on daily. This will help restore your nail.


Thanks Gorgeous-tips. I certainly don't want to waste a GPs time so will head to the Chiropadist.