Hi,Is the dermaroller homekit worth buying, does this work???

Would you recomend the dermaroller home kit.
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It depends. But if you going to try it at home, I recommend to start with 0.5 mm and then see if you can move onto 1mm.
You can go to a good salon and take a few treatments. If you are getting good results, it may be worth trying at home.
We, at shumailas Hair & Beauty, provide both the options. There is video on this page http://www.shumailas.com/dermaroller-at-home which will explain to you how you can apply derma roller at home. The video explains dos and donts, so I recommend to just give it a go.
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There is a huge difference in what an AT Home Dermaroller kit can achieve to what you should expect from a professional IN Clinic treatment.
Home care needling kits are 0.2mm to 0.5mm long - they facilitate the deeper absorption of cosmeceutical quality skincare serums to enhance the effects of the product and would therefore enhance the recovery and results of any clinic treatment.
As the needles don't cause pinprick bleeding - they aren't long enough - they can't stimulate the required inflammatory / healing response of the skin.
Skin needling kind of "tricks" the skin into thinking it's been injured or cut (from the bleeding) and this causes the skin to respond as though it has to heal a wound.
So just like a healing wound makes new skin (which includes collagen) the needled skin produces collagen all over the treated area which firms the skin and improves appearance of scars and wrinkles.
By the way the pinprick bleeding sounds worse than it is; it stops quickly and there is no facial scarring or marking other than looking a bit sunburned for the day.
Home care dermaroller skin needle kits are useful. I do recommend and retail them.
I use one myself a few nights per week with serums such as Skinmedica's TNS Recovery Complex ( which contains human fibroblast (collagen making ) cells and skin growth factors) and Skinceuticals or Medik8's B5 Hydrating Serum which contains a lot of hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate the skin.
You could use with products like Skinceutical's Pigment Regulator if you wanted to hasten the improvement of hyperpigmentation - or with Image's The MAX Serum if you wanted a general anti aging , Botox - like wrinkle smoothing effect for example.
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The dermal roller kit is a brilliant adjunct to treatment. If you have a derma roller course and use the home kit between with some B and C vitamin serum this will bring excellent results. The home kit is a 0.2 /0.3mm needle and the clinic needles are 1-2mm depending on site and 3mm in certain areas (the deeper needles can only be used by doctors).
The idea is that the needles penetrate the dermal layers to release the healing chemicals which tighten and refresh the skin layers. These chemicals ( or cytosines) are important in cell turn over, grown and renewal of collagen all of which we lose when we age causing fine lines and sagging of the skin.
If you are thinking of using the home treatment alone - this will not penetrate the skin deep enough to cause the skin trauma (sounds awful but it is not visible) needed to release the optimum cytocines needed for the best results.
in my experience, homekits are not enough. they are normally up to 0.5 mm
in clinic we use 1mm up to get correct penetration to get a correct result. home kits will dissappoint.