What's the best facial/treatment for breakouts?!

Hi everyone
My skin has been doing really well lately and has been pretty clear apart from a few spots here and there along the jawline.. but all of a sudden I've got loads of spots aloing my jawline also a bit on my neck (yuck! Never had that before) and then today noticed breakouts on my cheeks.
Please help! I have been upping my water intake, drinking Burndock Root and doing my usual skincare routine.... which consists of cleansing, toning, moisturiser and spot creams where applicable!

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Hi everyone, thank you so much for your responses, since posting this my skin has improved immensely! I did not even go for a facial in the end as no time.. I will put it down to stress & hormones... since I started drinking the Burdock Root (on the day I posted initially) I noticed a vast improvement & I'll keep that up as its really detoxifying. All but a few odd spots have disappeared :D :D :D
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Sounds like it may be related to liver. The skin is also an organ of excretion and breakouts can be common. Stress, even detoxing can have trigger breakouts.
Just continue to drink water and eat well. If you need diet advice about supporting your liver and skin don't hesitate to contact me below at Synergy Nutrition.
I notice that your a nail tec , you may have taken a rection to one of your products. Unconsciously you may have touch your face while doing a treatment . Treatment just do what your doing cleanse x2 tone, moisturiser also exfoliate and mask twice a wk , it will take about 4-6 wk to see an inprovement on your skin. Go for a facial with help aswell.


Hi, thanks for your comment, it's definitely not related to one of my products I'm 100% sure :) I think in this case I will put it down to stress/hormones etc - I'm really very good and never touch my face/breakouts during the day (years of having spots as a teenager) but thank you very much for your response.
Hi There the best treatment by far to combat breakouts is to work by combining a few effective treatments, such as light chemical peels (salycylic acid) along with medical microdermabrasion. This will clear the skin of excess oils, dirt, and stimulate healing. We have had some excellent results at our clinic using these treatments. See http://www.youtube.com/traceybellchannel for demos and before and after videos and tips
Your breakouts could be associated with your environment, hormones, working out (sweating), increased oil production, innapropriate cleansing techniques (not being thorough), stress, etc. Over cleansing the skin can also lead to over stimulation of your sebaceous glands, as well.
Seek a professional skin analysis/consultation and begin using clinical strength products as instructed to help with exfoliation of cellular debris and bacteria. This should help with unclogging your pores and with deminishing acne lesions.
Causes of Acne are: Hormone imbalance, wrong diet, wrong products, accumulation
of toxins in Liver
Solution: We perform a technical treatment consists of: Cleanse, Steam, Exctraction
of Blackheads if needed, Removing Dead skin cells, Galvanic current with Acne
gel, Desincrustation machine to deeply clean the pores, High Frequency
machine to dry and disinfect the skin and spots, Finally ChromaLight
to sooth and calm and dry spots. Finishing with Acne mask.
The treatment is 2 hours and it costs £69
You may need 4 to 6 treatments. Results are visible after a few sessions.
If it just came out lately, can be caused by digestion problem or hormonal problems (I should see where exactly came out because it can even be gynecology problem). Also can be the result of the detoxifying root extract you are drinking but it will go away with the time being. The best treatment is the deep cleansing facial once a month or once in every 6 weeks, beside the home treatment, avoiding spicy foods, chocolate, oily seeds,etc..
You can read about the deep cleansing facial on the website .
Breakouts and spots might be related to hormonal imbalance as well as stress and it can be a temporary body response to it. Burdock Root is good as very detoxifying. There are specific Dermalogica Facials for congested skin and acne, and also medicated products with components such as Salicylic Acid or Alpha Hydroxy Acid that can help to clear the skin from congestion and breackouts.
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