how frequently can I do a Brazilian blow out? My last one didn't seem to take and my hair is frizzy

I had a Brazilian blow out 3 weeks ago and a couple hours after was caught in a rain storm. My hair seems is still very frizzy. When I can do this again without damaging my hair?
Asked by isabellewahanda

1 answer

Were you advised to wait 3 days before washing your hair? It sounds like the rain may have washed it out...If it was the 3 day brazilian blow dry..You cant get your hair wet, humid, tye it back or put any grips or slides in it. If it was the wash out after one hour blow dry it would have been ok. The Inoar Marraqiuno works for all hair including Afro hair and can be washed out in 1 hour...Its the best on the market. You dont have to wait to get this done your hair gets better and better every time you have this done. Hope this helps!
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