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Question: Hi! I have a sharp pain in my shoulder and below my breast from lifting heavy things at work. Tips?x

Asked by cassandranicole 5 years ago

13 answers


The pain started in my shoulder and is now spreading down my rib cage and to my chest. It does get better when I use heat patches but not for very long. I can feel a knot beside my shoulder blade.

What kind of treatment would be best? I would not want something too aggressive! - I have quit my job now, so hopefully I will get better soon! :) - oh, but it means that I am a bit on a small budget! :P

Thank you!

Tai Chi, Therapeutic Massage, Alexander Technique, Neuro-skeletal Realignment Therapy, Physiotherapy

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AltrinchamMartialArtsClub 5 years ago

My first bit of advice would be to stop lifting things! If you're injured accept it and move forward. Some relief might come from heat patches et al but as you're probably finding they won't cure it.

If you need to use the arm do so as little as possible and try to get as much help as you can or it won't go away.

Rest and ice will help the injury - but I'd also suggest getting some physio/massage treatment from someone qualified. A good Chinese doctor will be able to proscribe a course of accupuncture and massage as necessary. However the NHS are able to help with physio so get a consultation asap and get on the list.

If you leave it it will more than likely reoccur.

Matt Townsend

Altrincham Martial Arts Club


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5 years ago

Hi there!!

I hope my message finds you cool.well and not in too much pain..........

I am uncertain where you are based but my massage website for your perusal is:

My massage prices are very reasonable for one hour treatments!!

Kind regards


Other answers (12)

Mandmassage 5 years ago

The joy of complimentary therapies is that a huge number can help you with this problem, from massage to accupuncture, The Bowen Technique, Trigger Point pressure work, sports massage etc. The best way is to find a therapist you like and work from there. I would start with massage, often a local therapist found in your telephone directory or on google will be cheaper than going to a salon. For details of the Bowen Technique see


TimSmith 5 years ago

A sports massage will help relieve the knots and lesions in your shoulder i currently offer a free half hour in which i would be able to help you please take a look at my site to understand whats on offer


tink10 5 years ago

There is a Hellish thing called 'Devils grip' very! painful simular to what you describe the pain in the chest is awful, it's caused due to the muscles between the ribs becoming inflamed, lifting can cause it, Anti inflammatory help and rest no using the body for liting and such like. I hope now you can rest you will recover.

auroraaromatica 5 years ago

Hi Cassandra,

Hope your feeling somewhat better as you typed your question.

Pain is a unpleasant feeling, as this makes us take stock of our health. Almost 10 million people are affected by pain in the UK, so your not alone.

Firstly, stop lifting!

Secondly, have you seen and talked to your local GP? Having had an assessment, they may suggest pain killers (not ideal), or a form of cream. Ideally, you want to ice the area if the pain is causing issues.

Some questions I would raise with you:
Has this pain occurred more than once?
Does it hurt when you breathe?
Have/Did you have a work assessment completed?

Massage can help you, as well as Neuro Skeletal Re Alignment Therapy. Please see my website for further information
Once you've visited your GP, mention that this is an area that you want to pursue. If you live anywhere in my area, then I would be interested in treating you.

Wishing you Good Health!

Elizabeth2 5 years ago

Hi firstly check it out with your GP so you can get a proper diagnosis. If it is muscular tension trigger point acupuncture can be helpful in bringing about release.

lirio 5 years ago

You can try my swedish massage, My clients get better for pain relief.
I'm based in Bromley Kent, have look in my website.


TheLogCabin 5 years ago

Hi Casandra, sounds like you've stopped lifting which would be my first advice. I would also apply ice packs and not heat. I know heat feels nice and warm, but you will find that the ice packs (15 mins in every hour) will numb the pain, help the nerves relax and help you on the road to recovery. They are normally about £5 from any decent chiropractor, worth getting two so you can cycle them in your freezer.
Once the rawness calms down, try a holistic massage and some Reiki, both of these will assist greatly in your speedy recovery.

Good luck .. regards .. John

Colinkentrt 5 years ago

Hi Cassandra

I would go along with what the others are saying in that you should see your GP for an initial assessment to check there is no underlying medical issue. Your GP may request an x-ray and if this is clear send you for physio and prescribe pain killers particularly opiate based as these block the pain and relax the muscles.

If this is clear then it sound to me like you have a simple pull of a muscle in the initial instance (does not mean to say that it is not extremely painful and causing you problems). The body's reaction to this is to protect the injury by the muscles around the injury by going into spasm basically to stop you doing more damage.

If you decide to embark on the private therapist rourte I would recommed that you embark on a course of hands on therapy, sorry but it sounds like you will need multiple treatments, the therapist can warm the muscles allowing gentle work on the original injury and start to stretch the muscles of the rib cage by massaging them and applying stretching techniques. this should work with you and your body, it should not cause pain (pain=damage) but the treatment may be a little uncomfortable as it begins to push the muscles where they do not want to go.

I would suggest that you start to do something ASAP as the longer that you leave it the the more likely that adhesions will form which in the long trem can be more difficult to break down.

I hope this has been of help, if you wish to contact me further then please do so through Wahanda or my web site I am based in North Kent

I wish you well


sharlean 5 years ago

hello .I would definitely take time off from work and in the mean time just see your G.P and also get massages done.I do different types of massage from heat to hands on .My rates are highly affordable for more info contact me 079 3111 8307 :D

proacupuncture 5 years ago

I think Acupuncture and Massage will help you to get ride of this problem.

Chisiwck Chinese Medicine Clinic
1-3 Acton Lane, Chiswick, London, W4 5NE
(Opposite Sainsburys' Car Park and Chiswick Tube Station)
Tel: 02089945345

Hope you get better soon!

proacupuncture 5 years ago

I think Acupuncture and Massage will help you to get ride of this problem.

Chisiwck Chinese Medicine Clinic
1-3 Acton Lane, Chiswick, London, W4 5NE
(Opposite Sainsburys' Car Park and Chiswick Tube Station)
Tel: 02089945345

Hope you get better soon!

laurasmobilebeautytreats 5 years ago

Massage, Osteopathy and Chiro Practitioner would all help. I would see your GP aswell just to rule out anything else.


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