How can I avoid spots and impurities on my face?

Everyone talks about treatments for spots and impurities, but how can you identity the root of the problem to avoid it all together?
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Skin is an organ of elimination and will reflect on the surface much of what is going on inside.
So starting from the inside - diet wise,water!!!!! lots of quality veg, some fruits, lean organic or free range meats, oily fish, nuts , seed, pulses, avoid dairy as much as you can. Some acne is of hormonal origin and cow's milk contains a lot of female hormones which can make an imbalance worse.
Bowels and digestion: are you moving your bowels daily? This eliminates toxins from the body before they can be absorbed into the blood stream and thrown out through the skin.
I recommend taking a good quality probiotic with acidophilus and bifidum strains to encourage a healthy bowel bacteria balance and regulate bowel function.
Skincare: skin needs to be gently and regularly exfoliated to remove the skin cells which needs to be sloughed off daily. Where skin cells accumulate they block pores forcing the acne P bacteria which lives on our skin to go in search of food - which is the sebum or oil we produce. The bacteria eating the sebum in the pores results in inflammation and infection = spots and acne.
Don't use harsh products such as those containing sodium laurel sulphate which strips this protective oil and dries the skin making inflammations worse. Look for ones containing Salicylic acid which gently dissolves the oils and plugs in the top of pores therefore reducing blockages, blackheads, whiteheads, open and closed comedones.
Gently massage a cleanser into the skin - be thorough - remove using warm water AND a cotton facecloth. This will remove all product and the loosened skin cells reducing the chance of blockages and spots.
Stress releases hormones which will increase women's testosterone output. This will stimulate more oil production to congest the skin.
Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome - if you're getting adult blemished skin, have period problems, carbohydrate / sugar cravings and have excess facial or body hair you may have PCOS.
Have a word with your GP - they may consider tests for this.
In the meantime adopt a regular regime using quality products such as Skinceutical's Blemish + Age range, Image Clear Cell, Skinmedica, Medik8 or Circadia products and treatments such as Salicylic peels, Circadia Dermafroast peels, Oxygen Rx facials with Cocoa Enzyme Peel Masks
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Thank you so much! Very helpful information. I could use work in a few of the areas you mentioned.
That is a very comprehensive all well-thought out answer! Great advice
Would you suggest this facewash?
I agree, excellent well thought out advice. Its great to see a systemic and holistic approach offered.
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Hi, I am Julia Rhodes of West London Colonics .
Diane Nivern has good advice in her top rated answer .
I should like to emphasise the organ of elimination bit. If the the other ( primary organs of elimination) - liver, kidneys, colon, lungs - are not working optimally, skin picks up the slack, and often reflects the toxic excess in itself often- acne, psoriasis , excema etc.
Colonic hydrotherapy can often be a great help, as i have in my experience of conducting 2000 treatments.
Hydration and probiotics are also a key factor in the success of colonic treatments , and i emphasise them in my treatment protocol.
I find that the natural soap I use is extremely pleasing. I buy it from a small store in Dobbs Ferry, New York called Kalliste Organics Inc. You can make online purchase and get the products shipped to you. The owner makes all the soaps herself and includes a list of all the ingredients with every purchase. She's really nice and helpful. I would suggest trying some of their soaps. They have helped with my wrinkles, acne, and stretch marks.
There are lots of different root problems for spots and impurities. But the beast way to keep your spots to a minimum, is to find a good skin care routine and stick with it. The best way to get this is to find a reliable and knowledgeable therapist who has a good reputation and go to them for a facial or a skin consultation. They will be able to look at you skin and suggest a treatment plan or you can contact us at The Skin and Laser clinic Tunbridge Wells 01892 222222 and speak to one of our staff
I offer a range of skin facials for all skin types and conditions. I analyse your skin condition and advise on which facial treatments is best for your individual needs. You will also receive a relaxing face, neck, and shoulder massage with every facial treatment carried out in my place.
All facials products used are hypoalergenicos from Brazil, natural and mineral.
Detoxifying Facial
Increases circulation and flushes out impurities thus leaving a bright and improved texture.
Rebecca Urban Oasis
There can be a number of factors as to why we get spots.
Whether it be polution, hormones, putting too much make-up on which can clog the pores and also not removing make-up or using the correct skin poducts for your skin type.
I think as long as you have a good skin care routine and use a moisturiser that has a factor in it, to protect from rays or one that is specifically for protection against polution.
If after all this there are still probems it's always good to have regular facials as you can never get as deep down into the layers of the skin as a therapist can with Spa products.
Hope you find the answer to your problems.
yo are probably congested so regular facials and a good skincare regime at home really helps.It is probably best to have a skin analysis to see where the breakouts are and that can indicate if it is hormone related or diet and then take it from there.
Hi Marisa
I'm a GP aswell as a cosmetic physician, so I could give you a more comprehensive answer if you would like a free consultation? There are various medical treatments of course, depending if there is a predisposing medical reason for the spots. The treatment options are too numerous to mention here, and another option is a light, medical grade course of chemical peels. Feel free to contact me on if you would like to discuss in more detail.
Dr Kim Thomas
The very best way to avoid 'spots' (hyperpigmentation) is by wearing sun protection and by avoiding excessive sun exposure. However, melasma (pregnancy mask) is still possible, as a result of hormonal imbalances. In either case, wearing sun protection can suppress the futher darkening of hyperpigmented areas. Overnight treatments for skin lightning should contain hydroquinone.
The best way to avoid impurities or cellular debris build-up is to cleanse the skin thoroughly each day. Clinical strength cleansing systems, followed by exfoliating toners, are excellent sources for optimum results. Specifically product lines containing glycolic acid.
Hi Marisa- clever skincare and treatments is often the answer here. Use a good cleanser and toner to stimulate cell turnover and clear sebum and dead skin - Salicylic Acid is a great product to look for - as is lactic acid. Use a sunscreen daily to avoid damaging rays causing dark spots. Supplement this with regular microdermabrasion and peels to enhance the results of your new skincare routine. See for more on our SkinScription range which is sure to tempt you.
Regular facials and a good skin care routine help with congested skin but if you have acne that is an illness and you will probably need to see a dermatologist or a doctor who will prescribe medication. Check out my treating acne blog
Great question Marisa, I would suggest it comes from the inside out but then again a skin allergy can be a surface issue, drink plenty plenty! of water, eat healthy fruit not excessive sweets & fatty foods, get 8 hours of sleep, no toxins..I know that's boring and not what people want to hear but it's true, remove make up before bedtime to stop pores clogging, dont over treat skin as that produces excess sebum.
Try Environ - especially the Bactive part of the range.
The best way to identify the root of the problem would be go and have a skin consultation either at a reputable skincare counter/company or a therapist, they will ask you questions and give you advice.
Dear Marisa,
spots appear on your skin as a reaction to the sun exposure if we are talking about pigment spots. As for the acne spots, they are a result of excessive oil production by sebaceous glands. Have a look at the Obagi products (Obagi Nu-Derm, Obagi CLENZIderm and Obagi C-Rx) on our website) and before and after photos on our website. To assess which of them you would need to eliminate your problem, it would be helpful to have a look at your skin, so if you are interested, come for a consultation - we are in Central London near Monument and Bank tube stations. If you have questions before, call 02072835800 and ask for Anna to speak with about your concerns.
Hi Marisa, it is difficult to answer your question without meeting you, but just hang on in there and keep eating well also drink plenty of water to help flush out inpurities, also always make sure you cleanse and tone and moisturise at the end of the day, I would advice to use a facial scrub according to your skin type once a week, also body shop will help you if you go in and ask for some help, my daughter did along time ago - they were very helpful, alternatively find a good beauty therapist near to your home, a facial is very good and helps remove dead skin cells and rejuvenates your skin. I hope that helps, you can always e-mail me - if you live near my therapies, give me a call.
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