Looking at derma roller for Hair and light stretch marks what length needles and would i need cream?

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Dermal Roller can be used on stretch marks. The size of needles depends on where the stretch marks are and how thick and old they are. This would need to be assessed by your practitioner. Home rollers are generally too short for stretch marks although it might help. Generally I would recommend the titanium dermaroller by Medic8 which is excellent quality. In practice a nurse can use up to 1.5mm needles and a doctor up to 3mm. With the 3mm reatment the treatment can look quite messy as there is quite a bit of skin trauma to heal. It would be best to start with a lower needle - to make sure your skin can cope with the treatment. The 3mm needles are really reserved for quite stubbon cellulite and even then the 2mm ones are often used for practical, sensation and patient tolleration.
I hope this helps. More information can be found at http://www.prostrata.com
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For hair rejuvenation a home kit would do it - 0.25mm or 0.3mm needle length. Unfortunately that would not be adequate for stretch marks as you need to stimulate the deeper dermis – you would need to have clinical treatments for this with a 2mm roller. There's a demo of needling on my website: http://www.indulgencebeauty.me.uk/microneedling.htm
Hi there, not quite sure what you mean for hair. For stretch marks I would recommend salon micro needling rather than the home needling. In the salon we can use 1.5mm needles which compares to 0.35mm that you get with the home needling. To encourage the removal of stretch marks, you need the longer needle to activate the production of collagen and elastin and then applying the vitamins and serums directly onto the treated area. For best results, you need to be on Environ home care for 3 weeks prior to your treatment. I am not sure where your nearest approved Collagen Stimulation Therapist would be to you. If you are anhywhere near Winchester, give me a call on 01962 736451 or see my website http://www.gentlehealthandbeauty.co.u. Othewise, suggest you call IIAI and ask where your nearest Collagen Stimulation Therapist is and their number is 0208 450 2020