Can i still apply cosmetics on the treated area?

If i get this treatment done and i wish to change my make-up look can i apply cosmetics on the treated area?
Asked by Dilly

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You will still be able to apply make-up to the treated area after having the semi permanent make-up treatment, enabling you to change your look to suit different occasions. During your consultation you will be advised how long you need to wait before applying make-up to the treated area.
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After the healing phase you can apply this. This is normally one to two weeks, everyones body is different and some people will heal faster than others, be sensible and take your practitioner's advice.
Make sure you go to a real expert in the field, this is not someone who has been carrying this out for say 20 years, but someone who has excellent reviews and a great reputation, see real work and decide. xx
I wish you luck with your makeup.
Heidi Worman