I'd like to ask if you could help identify some of my scaring

I'd like to ask if you could help identify some of my scaring as i have no idea which i have and treatments that could help solve this.
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You have a mixture of ice pick, rolling and box acne scarring. "Ice pick" scars - the narrow, deep scars are the hardest to treat by any method.
The other types can be treated with Dermaroller medical skin needling.
The deepest / largest scars would probably need an extra procedure just before the skin needling called Subcision - where a sterile needle is repeatedly passed at a shallow angle through the scar from its edge passing through the centre. This helps to cut the "anchors" of the collagen scar tissue and free up the scar so that the new collagen stimulated can form beneath the pitting and "push" it up to smooth out.
Genuine Dermaroller treatments can incorporate the use of a specific dermastamp tool which has vertical needles to target a specific scar before needling with their rollers.
The dermaroller skin needling is then done all over the face.
Several treatments will need to be done to see a real improvement.
Unlike ablative laser treatment - which effectively burns off the upper layers of skin - there is almost no downtime, minimal infection risk and far less chance of post treatment / inflammatory hyperpigmentation (dark patches) from forming.
Clients with darker skin colour should consider this risk with resurfacing treatments like laser or deep peels. Pigmentation could take several months to correct.
Skin has to be protected from sunlight for several months after laser or deep peels.
With dermaroller skin needling there is far less risk of pigmentation forming and the skin is not particularly sensitised to sunlight. However I always endorse the daily use of a UVA/ UVB sunscreen!
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any idea where i can get subcision done?
Most doctors and nurses who can do skin needling should be able to do the subcision. We are based near to Manchester approx. 5 minutes from Junction 17 of the M60.
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Theres a number of things you can do like Derma Roller, Microdermabrasion and Gycolic peels. I would consult a dermatologist to get the best advice.
Good Luck.
Thanks for all your responses its very much appreciated!! ANyone known where subcision can be carried out prefer the midlands BUT willing to travel!


you can check the genuine dermaroller website to find local practitioners to you!
What you have are severe acne scars - 2 types mainly what are called "ice pick" type & "box" type.
They are difficult to treat but any treatment that can encourage new collagen growth is worth considering.
Top the the list at present is Dermaroller - a technique of micro-puncture that promotes new skin re-growth. If you can afford it though a fractional ablation using laser would probably give the best results with the minimum down time.
Dermabrassion probably wont make any real difference - skin peals would need to be quite severe & again are probably not going to give the response you want
Good Luck
Try laser and peeling, peeling is descamation of the skin, there are many good clinic they do this treatment.