Has anyone experienced "hot cupping treatment" ?

what does it feel like? Are there any contraindications?
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I had the hot cupping treatment done as part of a week long detox at a great retreat near Battle in Sussex called Slimmeria. Being someone who normally books in for more pampering and relaxing treatments I didn't really know what to expect. It wasn't exactly relaxing but not unpleasant and definitely not painful. Different sized glass cups were attached to my back and the tops of the shoulders - they were being attached and released and then reattached in a different spot continually whilst one of the cups was being used to massage down my back. The treatment was finished off with a deep tissue massage on my back but also my arms and legs. I was left with 2 small bruise like marks but only at the top of back close to my shoulders / neck, which is where I normally get the most tension. These marks cleared within 2/3 days. I loved the treatment and felt great after.
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I had it done a couple of months ago and I can tell you that I felt great afterwards. The actual cupping does not hurt but i did find it uncomfortable. The only thing i can really moan about was the dark lovebite style circles the cupping left on my back, these didnt hurt or bother me but they were viewable for about 3 weeks.
Cupping is very good for relieving tension in muscles, as said below it works on creating a vacuum and draws toxins out of the tissue.
some people can be left with bruising or circular marks on the skin which take a few days to leave the skin.
I wouldnt say it was unpleasant, most people feel relaxed having it done, are mildly aware of the skin puckering in the cups.
Second to massage 'hot cupping' must be one of the oldest treatments known to medicine. A vacuum is created by placing a flame from a spirit lamp into a glass cup and then immediately applying it to the body, when the skin is drawn into the exhausted receiver and the vessel is firmly fixed, it creates a vacuum that is left for a few minutes, the glass is removed eventually by placing a nail under the rim and permitting the air to enter. It's purpose is to increase lymph and blood flow thus helping in circulatory problems such as chilblains, also helping in the elimination of an overload of waste products when there is prolonged athletic activity and certain forms of fibrositis
The treatment feels like the skin is being sucked up into the cup, but in a comfortable manor, I would describe it as a pleasant and relieving pain
Contra indications - must not be used over varicose veins and scar tissue
I tried this a couple of years ago and found it very uncomfortable....Little 'cups' and applied to your back and suction initiated. This can be felt as a tightness and on some areas was pretty uncomfortable. I haven't tried it again...I guess that says something!!!