any ideas for a cheap pick-me-up treatment that I can do at home? Feeling tired and run-down. thanks

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Hello, A nice long hot soak in a bath with a few drops of lavender oil. Put a dollop of mayo into your hair as a cheap conditioner. Once out of the bath rub some almond oil all over concentrating on your cuticles. Try and get to bet every night before midnight too.
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Try face massage, extremely relaxing.
Last about 20-30 minutes.
I really think you should consider eyelash extensions in London. The procedure is very relaxing. You close your eyes throughout the process and wake up with amazing looking lashes. Primalashes does <a href=””>eyelash extensions in London</a> at very affordable prices.
I am a freelance make up artist why not book a one to one or group make up lesson with me in the comfort of your own home. Learn tricks of the trade and try new make up ideas and products.
You will feel pampered and a million dollars after as well as learning a thing or two!
why not come along to radiance beauty and have a full body massage and a deluxe facial for £25.00 this will total relax you, making you feel great!
or at home why not put some candles on in the bath some very relaxing music and have a long soak in the bath while enjoying a good book.
hope this helps.
Hello, yes, what you need is hydrotherapy at home to detox your body -
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Ultrasonic hydrotherapy is good for the whole family even the pets love it -
Detoxing and the gentle massage associated does improve blood circulation, and the mood.
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Try this and you will feel much!! better.....take a fast run around your block, as fast as you possibly can, out run the misery do this on porpose and you will come back here and thank me for this advice i promise, then you will be in the mood to get motivated to give your self a special treat if facial, massage etc.... :-)
Facial £20 (40min)
Back Neck and shoulder massage £20 (30 min)
Manicure £15 - £17 (1hr + arm massage)
Pedicure £18 (1hr)
Indian Head Massage £30 (40min)
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Many Thanks
I'd suggest you get together with your best friend, and set up a bit of a 'home spa' get the dressing gowns on, bubbly bath, candles, maybe a bottle of something fizzy (Buck's Fizz is a good inexpensive choice), something light and delicious to eat and agree to swap manicure and pecidure on each other. Then watch a DVD that you'll both laugh at! No TV, radio, fellas or the like, just chill out and have some girly fun and laughs!
I would suggest a weekend of total rest and relaxation. I might also add a long soak in the bathtub with soft relaxing music in the air. You might also try meditating.
Long range, I would suggest light eating, dietary supplements and maybe a detox program. You could be feeling tired and run down due to toxins in the body.
Hi there, Im afraid there are no cheap options when it comes to your hair and scalp! If you want to look after them you will need to spend a bit more. Pop into your local salon and tell them what you would like to treat. Anything you buy in a supermarket will be a quick fix like (head and shoulders) but it will not prevent it like a salon product would! Also when using salon products, although they cost more, they last alot longer so when you do the maths it works out less. Hope this was helpful, Fiona.
You can do some stretch excercise for 5 to 10 minutes and have an energy drink such as Max optimum Nutrition


Sorry I thought you were talking about your hair, as it came to my e-mail