What sorts of side effects can paraffin facials cause?

I was told by my beauty therapist that some people experience negative side effects. I've had no problem with paraffin facials, myself, but am curious about what happens to those unlucky few! Is it the result of bad practice, or merely certain skin types?
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One of the most obvious side effects from a paraffin facial might be that the paraffin were applied to warm and the skin is burned. Another might be that the paraffin is applied to an oily skin type (not appropriate) and the pores became blocked or clogged during the procedure, as a result.
A paraffin masque is best suited for normal to dry skin types, not oily or acneic skin types. For dry skin, a paraffin facial can be very hydrating and soothing.
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I am not a great lover of paraffin facials because 1) they are messy 2) careful application is crucial to avoid overheating the skin 3) the effects are very temporary 4) there are much better treatments available for dry skin (and I would only ever use paraffin wax on a normal to dry skin). On the positive side they are relaxing and the skin does feel very smooth after a treatment so if the client is happy then that's what counts..!!
I would much prefer to give a facial massage using a blend of oils made up especially for the skin type. It's far more relaxing, great for all skin types, will leave the client feeling absolutely chilled out and will improve any skin condition.
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It sounds like you run the risk of getting burnt skin! Best to visit a reputable clinic who analyse your skin prior to treatment to assess your suitability
I provide holistic skin care, only using organic products (Eminence http://www.theskinsmith.co.uk/)
We all apply a variety of products to our skin every day - make-up, cleanser, lotion, moisturiser, etc – many of these contain chemicals which are absorbed into the skin and can build up causing dryness and sensitivity. I dont know much about paraffin facials...
I dont know of any but yes probably blocked pores x
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