what's the best treatment for very large acne pits-also resulting in 'wrinkles' in surrounding area?

had skin disorder a while ago and resulting in acnes/rashes/breakout all over the face, still leaving a few scars after almost a year and having large pits in between my eyebrows as i used to prick on the large acnes in this area (i know i shouldn't!), and there also appear to be 'wrinkles' in surrounding areas of the pits. I really don't want to look this way for the rest of my life. PLEASE HELP! does IPL or chemical peel or laser or LED light help? Preferrably a method which I can carry on with my normal life.
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give Monsia a try.! :)
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Acne is a skin disease,it is not menstrual.
You can treat simply.
washing your face more than twice a day will make you face prodoce more oil.
Take lemon juice.It's really cheap and very effective.
Hi, for your eye brows, Bio-Skin Jetting or MCA would be good to start you off, A scab is a natural plaster it stops infection , it should be allowed to fall off naturaly. When sacbs are picked off it leaves scars.
The acne scars , MCA this treatments triggers your body to produce more collagen to the area being treated. For your wrinkles Bio-skin Jetting . If you would like more information please leave your details. Thank you
Use rosehip oil, it has a great track record for helping to heal scar tissue. I use it in my aftersun cream. I also use it when asked to make cream for post op scars.
Thank you for your enquiry - Fractional laser can be very useful for acne scars & wrinkles. A cheaper treatment option is Dermaroller, usually a course of 3 six weeks apart is advisable.
It is important to make sure your acne is under control and not causing any new breakouts/spots. If this is the case you need to be aware that certain drugs may interfere with potential treatment. Retinoids are the most common cause of drug that you need to be careful of. Providing this is not the case you have several options some of which have already been mentioned. I would suggest a combination of DERMABRASION and FILLER. However it is essential that you are assessed by a plastic surgeon before considering this treatment. It is also important to get a dermatology opinion on your acne if there is any concern that it is returning.
It is important to note that dermarolling is still a fairly new treatment and we do not know how long the effects last. Generally scars get better over a period of time whatever you do but the process is very slow.
I would recommend first of all to use a prescription product range called 'Obagi' these products are prescription strength and are formulated to help scarring acne and ageing, so this would benefit all of your concerns. Our consultations are free of charge, I would recommend that you visit our clinic so we can put a treatment plan together for you.
After approx 16 weeks of using the Obagi Nu Derm range I would recommend for you to have an Erbium Resurfacing Laser Peel. There 3 different strengths of the peel so your daily life can proceed as normal! This will help to stimulate new collagen cells to help rebuild the volume and imrpove the texture of your skin, absolutely amazing results! IPL and chemical peels can help but they are very superficial and can longer to see results. Please visit our website and take a look at the procedures that are avaiable. We have helped many clients that are in your situation that have all had outstanding results.
Hopefully speak to you soon
Toni Warran-Smith
Tunbridge Wells Skin and Laser Clinic
Your options would be laser resurfacing, a Phenol or a Jessner's peel. Each should be administered by a physician. LED light therapy would do little for scarring such as you have self described. Light chemical peels would not be effective enough to address your level of scarring, as well. I would seek the advice of a cosmetics dermatologist or plastic surgeon.
Acne Scarring can be treated with a number of products and procedures. First I would recommend that you consult a doctor with an interest in acne and skin care who will be able to help advise you about any treatments that may benefit from and a helpful daily skincare routine to minimise the effect of the acne you had previously. There are options across ranges of products including Obagi Nu derm, Obagi Clenziderm, GloThereputics and NeoStrata ranges. All would give a suitable preparation for your skin before heading for a treatment. Having the right pre treatment skin conditioning helps to get the best results.
I would also discuss options to help minimise aiming to remove completely the acne scars you are currently trying to resolve. Options for treatment include medical strength skin peel treatments which would rejuvenate the skin and help to decrease the scaring and fine wrinkles surrounding these areas. Another very successful options is dermal rolling which is a technique using micro needles to encourage your own skin healing to help remove the scar base that has occurred after the acne spots have gone. Other options include IPL.
If the pitting from acne scarring is very deep it may need to have some dermal filler injected where the larger acne pores were 'pricked'. Botox is another option to help smooth out the wrinkles over your frown lines if really needed.
So there are a few options really. I hope some of this answers your questions. Do get in touch if I can help further anna@prostrata.com.
I agree with the other therapists and would personally opt for Dermarolling, depending on the type of scars you have been left with. This treatment is not suitable if the acne is active but can be very effective if you are not having any further breakouts. It's also good for lines and wrinkles so you would also benefit on this front too..!!
Any residual scars can be treated very successfully over time using a good facial oil two or three times each week before bed. Don't underestimate the power of a good oil. My blend would be Emu Oil and Rosehip essential oil. Rosehip contains natural Retinoids and Vitamin E, while Emu Oil is full of fatty acids that help promote skin cell growth. Both products are fairly inexpensive and will work as well as some of the more expensive branded creams.
Good luck and I hope this helps.
MMC Holistic Therapies
Your condition is treatable - very much so! If your acne is not active any more, Dermaroller treatment will remove the pits (Important: make sure that you go for a medical Dermaroller of 1.5mm!). If your acne is still active, you will need to get it cleared before you do anything else. Obagi Nu-Derm or Obagi CLENZIderm will do a perfect job and will prepare your skin for the Dermaroller treatment. Please read more info and see before and after pictures on our website http://www.bodysilk.co.uk or just call 02072835800 for a telephone consultation, or simply pop in for a chat - we are in central London and are open from 9am till 8pm.
You seem to need a combination of a dermal filler and a pixel. But you must have a consultation before. If you want come for a free consultation please call 01895 630 604 and talk to Karyna.
I am presuming you are quite young, we use a very effective and natural treatment using gentle Micro-current technology with an in built sophisticated computer called Beautytek - take a look on our website http://www.wellinhealth.co.uk