Is microdermabrasion suitable for black skin?

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You must have a consultation with a experienced professional in this field and do a patch test for hyper pigmentation first.
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Generally this procedure is safe and unlikely to cause any problems but I would suggest that you have a test patch before committing to a full treatment as there is a risk of hyoerpigmentation (darker skin) that may not settle down. It is also important to have a discussion with whoever is assessing you as to whether microdermabrasion is the most appropriate tyreatment for you. It is essential you consult with someone experienced in the field
Yes microderm is suitable for all skin types - visit a clinic that offers skin analysis to make sure the treatment is going to address any skin concerns you may have
One of my friends does this treatment and it is safe. Please contact me if you need contact details.
Yes, microdermabrasion is safe for African American skin. However, the procedure should be administered by a professional that is experienced with this skin type. This procedure as well as chemical peels can result in hyperpigmentation or keloid scarring if not administered correctly.