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You’ve had a Brazilian blow dry; now what?

27/03/2017 / Don't try this at home

Otherwise known as the holy grail of frizz-reducing, smoothing hair treatments, a keratin blow dry (often called by one of its brand names, the Brazilian blow dry) is up there with an oxygen facial and gel manicure as one of those treatments that A-listers like the Kardashians, can’t live without. Famed for its ability to leave unruly hair silky-smooth and totally manageable, it’s also one of those treatments us mere mortals can’t get enough of either. A simple and relatively fast process (depending on the thickness of your hair), the finish is achieved by coating washed and roughly dried hair in keratin, the substance that makes nails, hair and skin naturally strong and healthy. This is then blow dried in to lock in the goodness. So that’s the easy part. What we want to know is, what are the post-treatment rules? Can hair be styled as normal or are there certain things to avoid? To help navigate the way to glossy hair heaven, we chatted to an expert who performs them regularly in his salon, Chris Johnson White (@hausofchrisjwhite) of Liverpool’s White Haus Hair & Beauty

By Georgia Day


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