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Laser Reduction for Birthmarks, Age Spots, Rosacea, Sunspots - Six Sessions

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  • Laser reduction for birthmarks, age spots, rosacea, sunspots - Six sessions

Using laser light to treat birthmarks, age spots, abnormal pigmentation, stretch marks and broken veins and capillaries has proved to be extremely effective. Living with a highly visible birthmark or skin defect can cause enormous distress — however the technology now exists to diminish or even completely remove such blemishes, using Laser Treatment.

Problems which may be treated by laser:

  • Pigmented birthmarks — these are pale brown spots on the skin, often referred to as café au lait spots. They are caused by an excess of melanocytes, the pigment producing cells that can be found under the surface of the skin.
  • Vascular birthmarks — these can be distinguished from pigmented birthmarks by their livid red colour, caused by an intense area of broken capillaries at the skin surface. Because of this colouring they are often referred to as port wine stains and although they may be flat and pink in childhood, they'd can become dark red or purple, and thickened or lumpy in adulthood.
  • Sunspots, age spots and liver spots — too much exposure to the sun over many years can cause this familiar build-up of pigment in the skin in middle and old age.
  • Photo damage caused by sun exposure, such as wrinkled, leathery skin — the evidence of ageing can also be improved with Laser Treatment.
  • Broken capillaries, thread or spider veins and broken blood vessels — Laser Treatment can be used on the face and legs.
  • Rosacea — this distressing skin condition responds well to Laser Treatment.

Using laser to treat skin disfigurements

Laser light is used to treat these problems in a number of ways. For vascular birthmarks and port wine stains the laser beam destroys the excess capillaries in the problem area without damaging the surface skin. For pigment problems the beam is used to strip away the superficial layers of pigment in deeper layers.

Depending on how extensive the problem area is, several treatments are usually needed — in general between four and 10, at monthly intervals. Our practitioner will be able to advise you and you can save money by booking a course of treatments from the start.

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