How exfoliation works for those who are having stretch marks or uneven skin color?

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Exfoliation could help with mild stretch marks and uneven skin tones, but this process alone will take a long time before results would be seen. Depending upon the severity of the stretchmarks or uneven skin tone, laser treatments may be required and regular use of skin care products designed to resurface and even out the skin should also be considered.
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Exfoliation is simply a way to remove dead skin cells and a goal of exfoliation in the removal of stretch marks is to promote this healthier looking skin to be displayed. Unfortunately, the process has a very limited effect on stretch marks because stretch marks are in the deeper layer of the skin, not on the surface, and this deeper layer of the skin is not affected by the exfoliation process directly.
Exfoliation is not really a suitable treatment to help with stretch marks, massaging the area with an oil, such as pure almond oil, would definitely help. Some essential oils (lavender is particularly good) will help fade or cure stretch marks also. This does depend on what kind of stretch marks they are also. Stretch marks are damaged tissue that has been torn and therefore can scar. If the stretch marks are red it means this is slight damage to the tissue and can be treated and cured, if they are white this means this is a permanent scare and cannot be cured but can be reduced.
(teenagers often suffer from stretch marks when they go through growing spurts, particularly around the breast and hip area, these are usually red and will fade)
Can you tell us what has caused these stretch marks,how long they have been there and if they are red or white marks?
I really don't think exfoliation will do anything at all for stretch marks. It can certainly give benefits to an uneven skin tone though because of improved skin cell renewal and blood circulation giving skin a healthy glow.
I hve the same problem and I think the only way to get rid of them is a course f laser treatments