I am wanting to do waxing treatments, any product recommended in harrogate area?

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I would recommend using Perron Rigot wax. I have tried many but this brand is by far the best.
The hairs come out with ease and they have a huge range of low temp, strip, non strip waxes.


I second that. I strongly recommend Peron Riggot as well. That's what I use and its never failed.
I third that, have had Lycon and Perron Rigot wax used on me during treatments and I preffered the Perron Rigot wax it was very good and seemed a quality product. To the original poster> If you want to train in waxing I have read about Kim Lawless who is a specialist trainer in this field, if you google her name her websit will come up with prices and dates.
A fourth for Perron Rigot wax, brilliant!
Yes! Deffinately a fifth from me too!
Ive trained with wax in college and used various brands from wholesalers and none of them come close to Perron Rigot - it is quite unique.
Also, alot of clients have commented on how it is not as painfull as other waxes they have used.
P.s I also was supposed to attend an intimate waxing course with Kim Lawless but unfortunately i couldnt make the specific date, she has a very good reputation!
Perron Rigot Waxes are fantastic well worth trying them. My clients love the rose scented non strip wax and they even have commented on it had been less painful than other waxes they have had. x
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i use professional wax that can only be bought from wholesalers.
now to you can get professional kits from ebay with cartages
looks something like this