I have hair growing under the skin's surface on my legs. Can i have exfoliation how much it is?

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Yes, your legs can be exfoliated. You will probably need a series of exfoliation treatments as the skin on our bodies is usually thicker than the skin on our faces. Along with a body scrub, I might also suggest that you 'dry brush' the skin prior to any exfoliation scrubs, creams, etc. This allows for loosening cellular debris and will allow for better penetration of any exfoliation creams. If this is a persistent problem for you, you may also consider using exfoliating shower gels, body lotions and body products containing glycolic acids.
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Firstly I would like to ask about your current hair removal methods? Do you wax, shave, epilate or use cream?
In my experience as a therapist I find that if a client with very dark hair waxes for a long period of time the hair is likely to become ingrown or to grow under the skin.
There are two common types of ingrown hair;
Infected Ingrowths
Under the skin Ingrowths (sounds like you may have this type)

Ideally your ingrown hair should be freed from the surface of the skin to avoid infection, if the hair is not infected it could be treated with Electrolysis. If however the hairs on your legs are becoming infected they should be cut short to the surface of the skin until the infection has cleared. I know it is tempting – NO PICKING my dear…..as the skin may mark/scar.
Exfoliate your skin 2/3 times per week and a good body brush is excellent – Elemis do a beautiful horse hair brush. Before waxing or any hair removal use your skin brush lightly over the skin, upwards towards the heart.
Apply body lotion every morning after your shower to ensure the skin is pliable and healthy. This way the hairs will be able to free themselves easily up through the follicle.
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i've had this problem for about a year now, and I've made no progress, it's even gotten worse lately. I had my legs sugared a couple of weeks ago, and even though I was moisturizing every day and exfoliating every other day, I swear about 70% of my leg hairs are still under the surface. Can you please explain the electrolysis option?
if you ever depilated this is quite common we offer body scrubs or part body scrubs from £25 check out my website a see if we cover your area as we come to you. you can always upgrade to a detox treatments which includes a massage- brilliant way to enrich your skin and make you feel great
you can have exfoliation as long as the areas are not inflamed. A scrub is good to use, apply to dry skin with damp hands using rotation movements until the scrub clumps together, follow with a luke warm shower.
Do you have waxing?


i used to epilate, but now i have waxing yes