Hi,Can anyone advise me what is good for regrowing hair, quickly any shampoos or serums.
It takes ages for them to grow and with time my hair are getting thinner.
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Hi Anika,
You can have a Hair Mineral Test, but I have not heard of scalp analysis.
There are many reasons why you may have slow hair growth. One of the reasons may be your genetic predisposition. However, stress, poor diet and some medical conditions such as under-active thyroid may be one or a combination of reasons.
It is a good idea first of all to speak with your GP and ask to check your Thyroid Function and discuss any other medical reasons. If everything is OK with your health, you could try mesotherapy. Our clients are very happy with the results, but regular maintenance is required. Also try Nurkin vitamin supplement for Hair - available from most health shops.
On the positive side, if you are happy with the sickness and the condition of hair and you are not losing it, but only the growth is slow, you are saving quite a lot on hair cuts. My hair growth is too fast. I have to visit my hair dresser every 2-3 weeks, which I don't find that very convenient :-)
I hope the above is helpful
Lisa Mazura
Harley Medical Aesthetics
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Dear Anitka,
If your hair growth so very slowly, you could try the combination of Mesotherapy and Nurkin program. I must stress though that if this is your inherited characteristic, you will need regular maintenance too stimulate hair growth.
Ditto Angela,
The scalp checks are the right starting point for any scalp, hair problems. You can have it done at any local trichology center or any la biosthetique salon. la biosthetique is unique hair product brand that mainly deal with problematic hair and you will be able to find them in the salons that specialise in hair treatments, therefore they usually offer a scalp checks. they also have many products to suit anyone with most known scalp and hair problems.
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Hi Anitka ,
We have got some herbal products which will make your hair grow and make it thick for a fuller look.. try doogro megathick conditioner and shampoo which we are selling . The prices are around £3.99 each. This product has worked for many people and the results are within 2months of use. visit http://www.hairstops.co.uk or ring us for more info 07511405160


Do you think it will help to grow hair quicker? My hair are in good condition the only thing is that they do not grow quickly but very very slow. I had very shoert hair for whole my life now they are a bit longer, till neck line.
We at Jo Partridge can recommend two Kerastase products which enable hair growth 1. Densitive tablets which is a daily hair redensifying food supplement retailing at £25.90 and 2. Aminexil The ultimate programme to help reduce hairloss which needs to be used for 6 weeks once a day retailing at £115
We hope this will be of help to you we are willing to send either of these products out to you at no extra cost
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Hi, if you are getting worried about hair loss you should go and seek an advice from trichologist - the hair doctor. It maybe combination of lifestyle and diet or just inherited genes. Also there are some vitamin pills form Boots or H&B suppliers for hair&shin&nails.
The hair needs to be nourished from inside, the shampoos and serum just helps maintaining the hair itself.