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Question: What's the best conditioner for bleached and damaged hair ?

Asked by Lauren260791 4 years ago

13 answers

My hair is really blonde and is quite damaged - I just want to know which shampoo and conditioner you think would be the best to try and sort my hair out :) x

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MatthewDavid 4 years ago

Hi lauren,

I would advise you to use a shampoo and condition formulated specifically for coloured hair as they are formulated to help put the moisture back into the hair. I would personally recommend Wella colour brilliance shampoo and conditioner as they work into the hairs cuticle to help repair any damage and they smell lovely aswell.

I also recommend these products as they are proffesional products which we use daily so they dont create a build up on the hair. They are also affordable unlike many of the big brands out there at the moment. You can purchase them from any wella salon or online.

I would also recommend you invest in a good hair treatment to use once every 1 or 2 weeks. Wella sell a self warming mask "enrich" which will give your hair an extra boost especially if you have been using colour.

An alternative would to invest in Amargan oil this product is put on towel dried hair and then dry or style your hair as usual its specially formulated so it wont make your hair oily or flat it can also be applied to hair during the day mid lengths and ends it acts as "food for hair" restoring the moisture the hair has lost due to colouring, heat damage ect.

If your hair is damaged you may want to consider have the ends cut off and any layers refreshed as you dont want you hair to start splitting. By trimming your hair up it will give you a nice solid outline which will make your hair look and feel alot healthier.

Good Luck
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Shanthi-Holistics 4 years ago

Amargan is fantastic for the hair and as a user of it can confirm that it doesn't make the hair oily

Lauren260791 4 years ago

Thank you, just ordered some of the wella shampoo and conditioner, can't wait to try it on my hair to see if it helps, Thank you eveyone for your comments its has helped me think about regular cuts and tyring to keep the dye overlapping when colourig my hair will be doing tha in the future : )

Other answers (12)

Shanthi-Holistics 4 years ago

Hi Lauren,
I'm not sure about shampoos however I always find that massaging warmed coconut or almond oil into the scalp and hair helps to improve the condition of both scalp and hair. When I use these oils on clients I ask them to leave the oils on for as long as they can. If I'm at home I apply the oil and wrap the hair in a towel and really let the oil penetrate.
If you decide to try the oils, leave on for a few hours or if you're in a rush half an hour is fine. Wash out with your chosen shampoo and dry the hair. You should notice a difference straight away.
*Oils not to be used if you have a nut allegy(!)
Thank you.


jolene-c 4 years ago

Hi I also bleach and straighten my hair so I know how dry and horrable this can make your hair feel !
I tend to use a deep cleansing shampoo to keep the blonde looking bright as everyday polution and dirt can make it look very dull whick tempts you to over colour it !
And I also use an intensive treatment EVERY time I wash my hair, I use a loreal one I think its the absolute repair one in a yellow container.
I towel dry my hair a bit before I put it on so there isn't too much water as this dilutes the treatment then I put it on my hair and comb it through thoroughly and leave for 5 or 10 mins and rince.
I also use a heat protection spray and a leave in repair spray with keratin.
Do you do your own colour ? If so be very careful not to overlap it when you do your roota as you are over prosessing the hair.
I hope this helps :)

Invisinanohairextensions 4 years ago

Hello Lauren, by the sound of it your hair needs nurturing due to bleaching and good boost. You need to stop using any shampoo which contains sodium, this really strip your hair from all its keratin and damage the cuticle, most of shampoo contains sodium which is a detergent hence why hair becomes very damaged on top of colouring. What I would really recommend is Nanokeratin shampoo (you do not need conditioner after having nanokeratin system) which can only be purchased through Hairdressers. I would recommend to have your Nanokeratin Keratin treatment done which will repair and recoat your hair with its natural keratin nano particles, it will smooth your hair, straighten and protect them. It is my most popular treatment and products with my clients and they come back because it works and they love it!


Fionaspratley 4 years ago

There are a few options you could go for here.
1- have regular trims. Little and often is a good way to keep your hair a good condition. I'd say do this every 6weeks. Ask your stylist to put a conditioning treatment on too.
2- you could opt for a Brazilian blow dry, this will last up to 4months and will reconstruct your hair 100%. Leaving it feeling soft, manageable, shiney and frizz free. I do these and I can come to you so if you are interested give me a call 07966498828.
3- try the Moroccan oil, and the moisture repaire shampoo and conditioner by Moroccan oil. I guarantee you will love it!
I hope all of this info helps you get the hair you wish for.
Fiona x

solosalon 4 years ago

hello, i would recommend going to a salon that does joico k-pak professional and ask for the k-pak conditioning treatment you will feel and see the diffenece on your firt treatment and then strongly advise to get yourself a take home kit, and have this treatment at the salon at least once a week. Hope you find this helps.

gambia 4 years ago

Palm oil

TheBestInHairCare 4 years ago

Vitatin by mediceuticals, it's a miracle for most hair types!!


LauraTheStylist 3 years ago

A good conditioner for damaged hair is the Pro naturals moroccan argan oil conditioner. The natural argan oil is highly beneficial for hair and it'll smooth, shine and moisturize your hair so it can be strong and healthy again. They have it online at Beyas, it's a bit pricey but it's really professional quality conditioner and you'll see the difference.

MelanieST 2 years ago

definitively the shampoo & conditioner from pro naturals. Check it out I highly recommend them!

MelanieST 2 years ago

The best conditioner that will nourish youe dyed hair is definitively th eone from pro naturals! check it out online!

HeidiWB 1 year ago

I’d recommend Pro Naturals

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