What is the main purpose of getting a swedish massage?

Is it to reduce stress or get rid of nasty knots and help circulation etc?
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Swedish massage is traditionally used for relaxation, however a good therapist should aim to meet the needs of each individual client - these are usually discussed and agreed during the pre-treatment consultation.
A client suffering form stress and tension will often present with muscle tension in the form of knots in problem areas (such as the shoulders). During a Swedish massage the therapist should be able to locate and if possible work on these affected areas in an effort to reduce the tension there. This in turn will boost circulation and lymphatic drainage around the affected area(s) thus helping with the elimination of toxins expelled from the muscles worked on. Overall, a massage should reduce stress and tension and promote relaxation in a way that suits each client.
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Swedish is mainly for relaxation and improves blood and lymph circulation to the body. promotes, a general sense of health and weel-being through the release of endorphines - the body's feel good hormones. can assist with minor knots, though any thing major will require deeper massage treatments.
Depends on the client. It suits to relax and get rid of stress, but if the client has a paticular muscular pain as related conditions as spasms and strains, swedish massage will also work perfectly.
Swedish massage if undertaken properly will induce lymphatic drainage, helping the body to expel toxins. Any good therapist will also deal with stress knots and promote relaxation. All massage types increase blood circulation which promotes natural healing and detoxification.
Swedish massage if well done can induce lymphatic drainage as well as promote relaxation. A proper practitioner will deliver a combination of both and aid relaxation of knots at the same time. All massage increases blood circulation which promotes good health and healing.
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Customers reasons vary from pure relaxation to unwind and destress to working on a particular area of tension but primarily to switch off and relax.
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