how to take off fake nails

how do get nail extensions off
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To add to the previous answers, you may also want to try sliding the product (acrylic or gel) off with an orange stick or buffing it off with an old nail file after soaking in acetone, also be sure to use plenty of cuticle oil afterwards and put hand cream on first as the acetone is very drying to the skin.
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Hi Susan,
Absolutley right you should use acetone to soak approx 30-40 mins, then using orange stick to take them off, but before doing so always make sure they are quite loose and easy to lift it off, otherwise you will damage your nail plate, don't forget to use hand cream, nail conditoner after that , it is to help to condition your nails. If in doubt go to a salon they will take it off proffesionaly for you.
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Yep soak them in nail polish remover; however you have to be careful when pulling them off because you may rip your own nail. If your worried just go to the salon and they can take them off.
You need to buy some acetone from a chemist and soak them off in it for around 40 minutes. If you can find a larger bowl to put bowling water in you can then place the bowl containing the acetone inside it (floating) and it will decrease the time that it takes for the acrylic to melt off. Dont scrape the acetone off, let it soak off otherwise you will damage your nail plate.
Really it is better to go to a salon to let them do this but above is what you can do yourself.
Finally.. don't pour the used acetone down the sink, soak it up with paper and throw away.
Hope that helps!
Have you tried soaking them off in acetone. You put a little bit of acetone in a glass bowl then put it inside a hot bowl of water and then wait....depends how long you have had the nail extensions on to how long it takes for them to come off... dont put the acetone down the ll damage your pipes...soak it up with kitchen roll or tissue and then put it in the bin, hope this helps :)
If they are acrylic or a soak off gel, they can be removed by using pure acetone. The acetone has to be poured into a glass bowl and the acetone must cover the lenght of the nail bed.Then soak your fingers for at least 30mins then it will come off gradually. This is a messy process to do at home so we defintley suggest you let a reputable salon take them off for you.
If the nail extensions are a buff of gel you will defintley need a good salon to remove the extensions. Hope this helps :-)