I need to work on my liquid eyeliner skills. What's the best way to get perfect wings/flicks?

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To get an even wing/flick, I always follow an imaginary line that continues up from the end of my lower lid/lashes. You can also do the initial line lightly in pencil and then go over with liquid or gel line once you are confident with the shape.
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Hi! Use a stiff angled brush for best results. The brush the comes in the liquid liners is often too flimsy and you won't get much control with it. I like to start in the middle of the lid with the eyeliner then move to the outside corner. Before you get to the very end, line up your brush on the outside part of your eyelid to a 45 degree angle and swipe in towards the line you created. Then go back to the inner part of the lashline and draw a line to meet with the line you've already drawn. This way, you can thicken the line if you've made any mistakes.
When applying the liquid eyeliner:
- remove eg. bracelets as they can often get in the way and can easily distract
- apply your eye shadows before applying the eyeliner. This is to make the line last longer.
- shake the tube before applying the eyeliner
- hold the eyeliner as you would hold a pencil to write with and use your other hand to stretch the eye
- rest your elbow on the table and makeup sure your hand is steady
- look down into a mirror while drawing your line
- start drawing the line in the centre of your upper lash line and paint a few small dashes: middle of the eyelid, outer corner and inner corner, then connect them; using a small eyeshadow brush you can also use a black eye shadow on top of the eyeliner and smudge slightly for this lovely smoky effect. The eyeliner should be applied as close to the lash-line as possible.
Step 1: You need a fairly steady hand. I rest my elbow on my dressing table and wipe off excess liquid on the rim of the product. Step 2: With your free hand lift your brow up slightly now work from the outside of your eye inwards tapering as you work inward, now you have your base to work on those wings. Step 3: Still working on the outer part of eye reapply directly above the line you applied making it bigger and tapering inwards again depending on how big you want your wings you might apply three times each time just above the line apply. Practise makes perfect. Have damp cotton buds at the ready to correct any mistakes. goodluck
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