Where could I find a hair remove service of good quality and for a good price in Birmingham?

I have recently moved to Birmingham and don't know the beauty salons. Asking for the personal experience and advise in terms of quality of the service, technology, place and price.
Thank you in advance!
Asked by Laima

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Hi Laima,
The great thing about Wahanda is that you can check out reviews of salons near you to get recommendations from other customers - for waxing in Birmingham take a look here: http://www.wahanda.com/places/treatment-hair-removal-waxing/in-birmingham-uk/
The venues are listed in order of how they are rated, and you can read individual reviews to get a better idea of what to expect.
You should also keep an eye on deals (http://www.wahanda.com/products/treatment-hair-removal-waxing/in-birmingham-uk/) and the Birmingham MobDeal (http://www.wahanda.com/mobdeal/birmingham) for special offers.
Hope that helps!
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Lucy Dixon in Birmingham
I'm over in Wolverhampton if that isn't too far for you to go. Your best bet is to check out here, or Google. Give the salons that sound good to you a call, have chat with them about the waxing your are looking to have done. Do they sound confident in it - or are they doing it just because they feel they need to.
When looking for a salon for any treatment, waxing especially, it is so important you feel comfortable and confident in the therapist doing it. I have booked in to salons, turned up, been lying on the treatment table and then the therapist has made a comment that caused me to loose faith in them so I got up, told them I'm not comfortable having the treatment there and left.
Don't be afraid of doing this - trust your instinct!
I suggest you go to google.co.uk and type in waxing birmingham or beauty salon birmingham or mobile beauty therapist birmingham and see what comes up.
Hi there,
I specialize in waxing although I am in Perth Scotland. I suggest you to go to http://www.salongeek.com and post a thread there as there are a lot of good beauty therapists there. I hope this is of some help!