I have acne scars but no pitting - advice on which treatments work best and where to get them pls

I have black spots on my skin but no pitting and wanted to know what types of treatments would remove the blemishes. I also have unsightly chin hair- had my hormone levels tested but they were normal. If you can give me pros and cons of each treatment, prices and where to go for treatment it would be great. Thanks.
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Reduce your intake of tea, coffee, sugar, fizzy drinks, cakes, biscuits processed and takeaway foods. Supply the body with plenty of fruit and vegetables, Vitamin B6 & C, gogi berrys, ginger and garlic/onions
Acidophilus /Probiotic yogurt, Aloa vera. Add more filtered water add herbal teas such as green tea and nettle tea.
Exercise : Rejuvenates the body, and aids in the removal of toxic waste.

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Hi Scissors,
I too had the same problem and I am currently having a course of Pixel Laser. Ultimately, no one can guarantee that your scars will be 100% removed, but this is definitely a step closer. I am currently being treated at the Private Clinic in Harley Street.
Also, frequent facials to encourage the skin to replenish iteself would be a good idea - perhaps once a month to get you started.
Hope this helps,
As some of my colleagues have suggested, Microdermabrasion and chemical peels would be your best approach. I would also suggest home care products that contain glycolic acid and/or retinols. The professional that you seek for these procedures should also work on providing services that prevent or supress future acne breakouts and lesions, to prevent any future scarring.
You have a couple of options really. A course of Microdermabrasion, (a medical grade) might be sufficient to 'lift' the brown pigmentation marks, and if your skin colour is Asian or Afro Carribean this would be your safest bet. If you have caucasian skin then IPL for facial rejuvenation would be excellent providing that you are untanned. It is also IPL that treats unwanted hairs so it would do both things in one treatment which would save you money.
Look at our website under Quantum and EpiLight for further details. Hope this helps.


Hi Jenny, thanks for this. I have brown skin- I am of Indian origin, Would I still be able to do IPL?
Hello Scissors. For blemishes of this nature I would suggest a very gentle chemical peel called Easy Phytic. You will not experience excessive redness or flaking immediately after but it will help to clear your, reduce future outbreaks and help to clear up residual marks caused by previous outbreaks. It really is ideal for this condition you have indicated. The only down side is you will probably need a course of 4 treatments to achieve full results but the advantage is they are priced not much more than a facial. Please let me know if you would like a treatment factsheet for more details. For the unwanted facial hair problem I would suggest you consider IPL.


Thanks Vickie, i have some spots which ocassionally flare up still. I am looking at my diet to stop that. If I have some pimples can i still do the peel/microdermabrasions? re the redness, would i have to take time off work- i dont want to be seen in public if it would mean that i look like a carpaccio like samantha did in sex n the city for a few days after a peel.
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